Golf News for Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | Products

Nexbelt announces introduction of new Go-In! line of golf belts

Nexbelt, the "Belt With No Holes" introduces the Go-In! line of golf belts. Golfers are asking for our unique designs and technology because we standout in a sea of conformity. The traditional bin-buckle belts have not changed in years and customers are ready for a change for the better. And golfers are loving the utility of the hidden marker system and how the belt adjust so comfortably around their waists.

The first thing you will notice is our Go-In! belts come in a box that looks like it was carved from a billet of clear acrylic. But what really makes the Go-In! line unique are its patent pending design of the hidden marker system, and its PreciseFit system allowing the best possible fit and its ability to fit waist sizes from 28" to 40".

With our PreciseFit technology, we have eliminated the unsightly holes - which will elongate over time. No more having to punch extra holes to find a good fit. PreciseFit allows customers to find their perfect fit because of the belt's ability to adjust in ΒΌ" increments: More adjustability equals better fit or PreciseFit as we call it. Comfort equals a better golf swing.

And with our innovative scaling system on the back of the belt and the unique quick release clasp, finding one's size is simple - just cut the belt to your pants waist size. ( If you're planning to lose weight, this is the perfect belt for you. Just size it down as the inches drop from your waist line. Gain an inch or two back? No problem! We've built in room just for that).

Golfers have really appreciated Go-in! golf belt's ingenious hidden marker system. Just lower the face to reveal the marker and it slides out with a touch of your thumb. No more fumbling in your pocket searching for the marker. Golfers like their Go-In! belts so much, they wear them as their daily belts because it looks like a stylish normal belt - but without the unsightly holes.

Go-In! belts are designed for style and engineered to last. Look for Nexbelt's line of Go-In! at your local course or golf stores. See the line of designs at