Golf News for Friday, September 22, 2006 | Business

NoSnowMan Golf Enterprises is introducing a new Internet club

PARKLAND, Fla., -- As Tiger makes his final preparations for the Ryder Cup this week, believe it or not, he actually shares something in common with the rest of us mere mortal duffers…..we both dread teeing off in a downpour, “fried-egg” bunker shots, slow play, and an “8” ….the always unpopular “SnowMan” on our scorecard. While Tiger was probably in diapers the last time he logged an eight on his card, an enterprising hi-tech golfer has taken this challenge and turned it into a new and unique e-golf adventure.

CEO Marc A. Salerno today formally announced the launch of his latest venture….NoSnowMan Golf Enterprises. Salerno is a 43 year old Hi-Tech entrepreneur whose work background includes a history of senior positions with large FORTUNE 50’s such as Sony and BellSouth, as well as a few technology Startups such as RGB Computer & Video, Exenet, and most recently with SBS Consulting and Distribution- the consulting firm he founded in 1998. Salerno’s latest endeavor combines the love of golf and the Internet into one… “At NoSnowMan…We’re “More Than Just A Golf Shirt”…that’s our focus and goal…to offer more for today’s Internet-Savvy golfer…a true “e-Golf Adventure”.
For The Love Of The Game

Salerno’s passion for the game came from his early work with Sony back in the 80’s. He was part of the original Sales, Marketing, and Product Development team for the Sony “CaddyCam”- the golf industry’s first popular golf video training system. “All I had was my Taurus wagon filled with video equipment and the open road….I went to every golf club, driving range and teaching facility you could imagine and met some great people…from the local driving range pro to legends of the game like Peter Kostis and Arnold Palmer…I was bitten by the game, and have been ever since.”

More Than Just A Golf Shirt
NoSnowMan was built from a very basic premise and idea…..offer something distinctive…something more than everyone else does. A golf shirt is a golf shirt, except when you buy a NoSnowMan Golf Shirt…that’s the idea that helped launched this new venture. “Golfers are always buying new shirts…but they’re all basically the same and that’s where we came up with the idea for NoSnowMan. Bundle a set of fun, unique and cost saving Internet golf services with a golf shirt and watch them fly off the rack!”

NoSnowMan Golf Club- Where Membership Brings Big Benefits
It’s easy to join….when you buy a NoSnowMan Golf Shirt, or a combination of any other NoSnowMan products of the same dollar value total ($39.95) in any single transaction, you become a “NoSnowMan Club Member”. As a NoSnowMan Club Member you then have access to a customized bundle of money-saving, unique, and entertaining value-added Internet
Golf Services including:

Choose from OVER 500+ COURSES across the US. Our special “Members Rate” offers aggressive discounts. Why call the ProShop to make that tee time and pay the rack rate when you can save at NoSnowMan.
By logging into the Members Area of NoSnowMan, you can log your golf scores and after 10 rounds get a Handicap. All you need is your final score and the golf course RATING and SLOPE.
Pick your favorite top 5 PGA players and form a team….watch each week and see how they perform versus your fellow NoSnowMan member teams...prizes will be awarded each year to the top team!
Share information with fellow golfers from across the globe in a variety of areas including PGA Tour Talk, What’s In The Bag, Swing Instruction & Tips, Clubmaking & Repair. Check out our newest and most unique Discussion Category…Out of Town & Looking For A Course-Fellow Club Member!

NoSnowMan has partnered with some of the latest, state of the art Internet software developers and service providers to offer you a unique golfing experience. “For the price of a golf shirt, you get so much for so little”. The savings are incredible…..on average, after only 3 rounds purchased from our discounted tee times network, your savings will have paid for your shirt!”

E-InventoryLess: Helping Golf Retailers Maintain Profitability

It’s a highly competitive business today, but golfing retailers are always looking for new ways to stay two steps ahead of everyone else. NoSnowMan’s proprietary “E-InventoryLess” sales commission platform is a true commitment to every retailer who sells our products.

The premise is simple….when a customer buys a NoSnowMan Golf Shirt, or a related bundle of NoSnowMan Golf Accessories from one of our certified retailers, the new club member is “red flag-linked” in our customer database with the retailer where they made their original purchase. Should that customer choose to buy any additional NoSnowMan products from our website in the future, our member tracking system will generate a commission payment back to that original NoSnowMan retailer. “It’s our way of establishing a true partnership with our distribution channel….we won’t be successful unless the retailer is profitable and committed.”

NoSnowMan Golf Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS Consulting and Distribution, is a Internet Golf Products and Services provider, based in Parkland Florida at 11740 NW 71st Place, Parkland, Florida 33076. For more information, you can visit us online at, email us at: info@nosnowman. For direct media inquiries, contact us at: 305.215.2058.

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