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"Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing" now available as Kindle eBook

JUPITER, Fla. -- Coach Joey Diovisalvi and GolfGym proudly announce that Coach Joey D's book, Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing, published by St. Martins Press, is now available as a Kindle eBook available on for download.

"We couldn't be more excited that Coach Joey D's book can now reach even more golf enthusiasts" said GolfGym president, Ken Pierce. "The book, along with Joey's years of experience and expertise working with the top Tour players in the world, has been the cornerstone of the curriculum here at The GolfGym Academy."

"Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing" guides the reader through a series of biomechanics assessments to determine the individual's strengths and weaknesses as relates the golf swing. The golfer then selects the blueprint of a fitness regimen, based on the results of the assessments, to begin building on the existing strengths while incorporating additional movement patterns to improve the physical weaknesses. This is the same formula Coach Joey D employs working with casual and avid golfers, long drive champions and current PGA, Asian and LPGA tour players on a daily basis.

"The body swings the club. When the "golf body" is functioning optimally, it shows up in the golf swing and the result shows up on the course," commented Coach Joey D.

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