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Chris Baldwin: Crazy crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theories even invade golf

I was in Lake Placid last month, playing a bunch of the area's historic golf courses and one round, I ended up getting paired with a Canadian. Now usually I love the Canadians. So much so that I consider myself an honorary citizen (though I'm still waiting for my free health care and maple syrup).

My Canadian brothers are unfailing polite, they don't raise an eyebrow when I crank my first tee shot off a tree and send it screaming backwards 100 yards behind the tee box and they usually tell great stories.

But this particularly guy went on a rant about how 9-11 was an event orchestrated by the Bush administration. He proceeded to impassionately argue that secret government bombs set up along the support beams of the Twin Towers actually brought them down. That the airplanes slamming into them had nothing to do with it and furthermore he didn't know if any passenger jets really crashed on 9-11 at all.

Now, I knew people like this existed out there. Heck, has its own Ghet Rheel reader (code for get in your rocking spaceship) typing away in fantasyland. And who knows what William K. Wolfrum want-to-bes are blogging about in their free time (which would be their any time). Even Time magazine devoted a few pages to these 9-11 crackpot theories in a recent issue.

I just never expected to come across one of these loonies (inside Canadian joke) on a golf course. People who golf are usually pretty grounded. At least enough so that they're not buying into dinosaurs never existed or the moon landing was done in a studio theories.

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