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Balls Out Blog: Tiger Woods says jump, Tim Finchem says,

I can't tell you how shocked I am, how astonished that after months (or more?) of saying no to drugs testing, PGA Tour Commissioner ">Tim Finchem now says the topic will be addressed at the Tour's policy board meeting in November.

Funny, isn't it, how a guy like that can change his tune so much not long after Tiger Woods came out in favor of testing.

If I were Steve Williams, I'd be worried. I can see a day where Finchem spends Thursdays-Sundays carrying Tiger's bag.

Still, you have to feel good about the move, if not Finchem's motivation. I'd be very surprised if none of the guys on the PGA Tour haven't - at the very least - strongly considered 'roiding up. No, not for distance off the tee, necessarily, but, as I wrote here, for an artificial edge on recovering from those nagging aches and pains and injuries that can hobble a golfer late in the season. Awareness of golf fitness has changed the game for the better (imagine if Lee Trevino had never been hobble with back troubles, if Billy Casper hadn't carried around that extra weight). With that in mind, the potential temptation to take it to the next level illegally via steroids is just too much to overlook.

(To change the subject: How cool is Jesper looking in this stingy brim lid at the Candian Open!?)

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