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Kiel Christianson: The Players Towel helps keep your kit clean

I have a confession to make: The least-used accessory in my bag is my golf towel.

I've thought about why this is, and come up with the following excuses, er, reasons.

First, on the course many of my shots are of such a quality that I'm too frustrated/angry/demoralized/depressed afterwards to worry much about dirt on my clubs. On the range, I wipe off each club after each shot because, of course, I can hit any shot at any time there.

Second, on the green, I just wipe my ball on my shorts. And really, unless there's sand or mud on it, what's a bissel schmutz going to hurt?

Third, my golf towel is clipped to my bag, and frankly, taking it on and off is unrealistic. And most of the time, I find myself on the opposite side of my bag from the towel. (This last reason speaks volumes to my inherent laziness.)

I recently received the The Players Towel, and it just might change my Pigpen-like tendencies.

The Players Towel ($20) is carried by pros on all the tours, or rather, by their caddies. On the company website, PGA Tour pro Bo Van Pelt is quoted as saying, "I put one in my bag last year and I made over 3 million bucks. Results may vary." The towel is composed of microfibers that hold many times the towels weight in water, and also grab and hold way more dirt than typical terrycloth.

The Players Towel also lacks an eye-hole to clip onto a golf bag. The towel comes in two versions: with a "putter slit" or without. After trying one of each, I prefer the putter slit. It just slips over my putter and comes along with me to the green. It's really handy to have to lay my wedge or putter grip on when the grass is wet.

Best of all, though, is that you can get your towel custom embroidered with the choice of three different fonts for free (some other fonts are $10 extra). So if you leave it on a green, you'll probably get it back.

I'm far from meticulous with my gear, but now at least, my previous unkempt kit will be wiped down and spiffed up a bit -- and in style, too.

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