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Brandon Tucker: Michigan's Arcadia Bluffs knows how to treat the ladies

We just got a fine review of Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club on our exit polls.

Stellar reviews of Arcadia Bluffs are nothing new. Set above the shores of Lake Michigan, it's considered by many panelists as good as a top 10 play in the United States. And users of rate the course almost exclusively four and five stars.

But having played it myself, I wouldn't have thought this long, hilly course with some severe bunkers would be an ideal play for women. Then again, what do I know about the fairer sex?

Patty Foy, a 19-handicap, played the course on "Ladies Day." She found the course beautiful, which isn't much surprise:

I have played courses in California, Jamicia and Mexico. This is the most beautiful course I have ever played. That it was in great condition and offered wonderful service puts it over the top as being my best golf experience ever.

She also added that because it was Ladies Day, her green fee was half price. But that's not all:

"They even washed my front windshield of my car!"

Now that's a chivalric golf club...

Click here for some of my photos of Arcadia Bluffs.

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