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Volvik PROsPECT top (and only) ball at Ohio Champions event

Volvik PROsPECT ball wins again!

Volvik Golf Balls new PROsPECT ball wins the Inaugural Ohio Champions Tournament. While this claim is true the 'rest of the story' can now be told, as the only ball played in the event was the PROsPECT.

In a golf competition first the Ohio Golf Association chose Volvik's PROsPECT ball over all others to be the uniform ball that leveled the playing field in this event held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield Ohio.

In a bold move the OGA chose Volvik and provided each of the participants with sample balls in unmarked boxes some two weeks ahead of the competition. The ball bore only the OGA logo and a line with the Champions and the dates of the event. Even throughout the competition the 72 person field was kept in suspense. Only at the conclusion was the closely guarded secret announced.

"Golfers across the USA have been picking up the PROsPECT ball as it lead the price market in ultra-premium golf balls since it's launch in April, said Volvik's exclusive distributor FLGolf, Inc. spokesman Glen Coombe. He went on to say, "comments from the field are very high in praise of our newest ball. I've predicted this ball will be the vehicle that launches Volvik into their next growth phase. Our history in the US market has been all about the famous and often imitated Crystal golf ball. The industry has long known Volvik as an R&D think tank for golf ball technology. However the retail golf buyer has only had Volvik on their radar for the last four years since the introduction of the Crystal. All this is about to change I feel. Quite a number of our retailers will now be playing catch up as consumer demand for the PROsPECT ball should increase exponentially once this word of our success breaks."

FLGolf, Inc. President Chuck Womer said, "The phone hasn't stopped ringing since the news came out at the end of the competition in Ohio. Golfers are calling asking where they can find the ball. Retailers are calling asking how soon they can get more of the ball. We're also very happy to have been able to help the OGA to make history again. This is our second tournament win as the PROsPECT ball won the Gate City Classic earlier this year in the hands of Keith Reeves on the National Golf Tour Piedmont Series. Keith continues to play the PROsPECT and is at the top of his series and national points list."

Volvik Golf Balls manufactures several different golf ball styles. The famous industry leading Crystal golf ball is a two piece 70 compression construction. The new Crystal Pro 3 piece is an 80 compression success story just released by Volvik.
The new PROsPECT 3 piece with a Z-Urethane cover is competing 'toe to toe' with ultra-premium golf balls priced at retail, much higher than Volvik. Ask for Volvik golf balls by name!

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