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Karakal Golf Grips, Winn Inc. settle dispute over design of grips

NEWARK, Ohio -- As you may be aware, over the course of the last six years Karakal has been involved in three law suits with Winn, Inc. Those law suits have involved both claims by Karakal that Winn was engaged in practices of unfair competition and/or that Winn's patents are invalid, and claims by Winn that certain of Karakal's golf grips infringed Winn's patents. We are happy to announce that as of August 1, 2006, the last of those legal proceedings will be fully resolved through settlement and a consent judgment.

After years of litigation, both parties agreed to forego their respective claims for money damages. In return for Karakal agreeing to redesign its X-Tack, X-Tack II, X-JP, and X-JP II golf grips and not challenge the validity of Winn's patents, Winn agreed not to challenge
the redesigned grips. The agreed upon consent judgment did not contain any finding that Karakal's old X-Tack, X-Tack II, X-JP, and X-JP II wrapped golf grips infringed any of Winn's intellectual property rights.

With the conclusion of this lawsuit, all of Karakal's golf grips are free and clear of any claims of infringement. Like the old X-Tack grips, Karakal's new X-Tack, X-Tack II, X-JP, and X-JP II grips are of a combined polyurethane/textile construction. They maintain the same great feel and durability as did Karakal's old grips, but with slightly more shock absorbency. They do so by adding additional polyurethane to the inner side of the grip.

We also urge you to try out Karakal's X-JP Wrapless line of golf grips which Karakal introduced in the fall of 2005. The improved panel grip has turned out to be a great success for Karakal. The improved design allows Karakal to offer its customers significantly more color and aesthetic design options, while at the same time maintaining the great feel and shock absorbing characteristics customers have come to appreciate with all of Karakal's polyurethane golf grips.
As always, Karakal stands behind the quality and integrity of its grips. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Gilligan at 740.366.8142

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