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Henry-Griffitts reports introduction of Praxis PI Driver Series

MAUMEE, Ohio -- Henry-Griffitts-the seminal force in custom club fitting for 28 years and the originator of the club-fitting cart-continues to take driver technology to the next level with the introduction of its new PRAXIS PI Driver Series.

Henry-Griffitts worked on the development of the PRAXIS PI Driver for the past two years. We researched the best possible manufacturing process to produce a performance-driven driver for our loyal customers. After painstaking testing we settled on a four-piece construction with a special cup-face that significantly outperformed other drivers using other methods. Four-piece construction has come a long way from the early 2000's attempts. It now produces some very tight tolerances that are critical to maintain Henry-Griffitts standards. Of course, the final decision wasn't based on the construction method but on the phenomenal results we saw during the testing phase.

The PRAXIS PI Driver features a large 450cc head design for stability and forgiveness using a machined 6-4, thin titanium face with proprietary design. The center of gravity located low and back in the head that produces high launch, low spin and superior carry and roll. The Characteristic Time rating of 239 microseconds - right at the USGA maximum..

"The PRAXIS PI Driver is incredibly easy to hit, and it really sounds great," says Randy Henry, Founder of Henry-Griffitts. "When a golfer matches up the right loft with the correct shaft length, shaft flex and weight, with the help of a H-G Certified Teacher, there will be no way to beat this new driver. It will deliver confidence and consistency to anyone's game."

The PRAXIS PI Driver is available in right- and left-hand models. Right-hand lofts are 9.5, 12.5, 15.5 and 18.5 degrees while left-hand lofts are 9.5, 12.5 and 15.5 degrees. The PRAXIS PI Driver's lie angle is 59.5 degrees, the face angle is 0.5 degrees closed, and the bulge and roll are each 12 degrees.

"This new PRAXIS PI Driver is absolutely phenomenal," says Randall Henry, President of Henry-Griffitts. "This club will satisfy anyone who likes to hit a big head, and still have the feel and control they want in their driver."

The PRAXIS PI Driver's body is made from forged, space-aged GR4 Titanium, which is then stamped thin under extreme pressure and formed into the driver's crown, walls and sole pieces. The face is machined from 6-4 Titanium. Using the latest innovations and technology, the machining results in a specialized and proprietary configuration that produces Characteristic Time ratings right at the USGA established limit of 239 microseconds. All four pieces are then welded in an Argon atmosphere to ensure the weld's purity and strength. A weight screw is attached to the rear of the sole to help in establishing desired launch angles. All of this results in a light, strong driver head with optimum performance characteristics.

The large club volume makes it possible to increase the face area. Generally a larger head design with a larger face will make any club more forgiving. With the help of the proprietary face design, the PRAXIS PI Driver is better then any previous driver. Finally, using a black-on-black PVD process, Henry-Griffitts applied the same great-looking cosmetics to the head that it used on the PRAXIS Fairway Woods.

"Golfers will want to get their hands on this new offering from H-G as soon as they see it," Henry says. "They'll love the feel, the sound, the looks and the results."

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