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Chris Baldwin: Tiger Woods' hilarious soccer rip more impressive than his PGA win

Leave it to all these golf bloggers who look at life through the opening of a straw to miss the real story of the PGA Championship at Medinah.

The biggest deal of the tournament wasn't Tiger Woods' yawn-inducing stroll to victory. Or even that Tiger actually decided to stick around for the entire PGA Championship this year (remember his early fly home from Baltusrol last summer that helped the always shakable Phil Mickelson grab the trophy).

No, the true highlight was Tiger ripping on soccer.

This came when a reporter asked Woods if imagined himself being a soccer dad in 20 years when Jack Nicklaus' majors record is in tatters and the old man's muttering about how he could have been better than Tiger if his mom only fed him more nutritious cereals. Tiger rightly responded like he was asked if he pictured being the father of a terrorist or at least a NASCAR fan.

"No, not soccer," Woods practically spat out. "Hopefully something more physical."

Now, that's funny. Because it's true.

Unlike's own waffle weenie Tim McDonald's sudden love for Tiger.

Tiger understands a good joke. He knows that soccer is ridiculous. And he's not afraid to say it. Now, that's progress.

As for the golf, he was always the best player of all time. Even as the waffle weenies doubted him.

The dominant golf's nothing new. The humor and willingness to take on a plague as insidious soccer is.

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