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Dave Marrandette: Move over Medinah, "Off the Beaten Cart Path" hits bookstores today

Today is the day that the golf world discovers the courses where the Tin Cups really got their start. It is the launch date of our newest book, Off the Beaten Cart Path, published by Wiley Press. Off the Beaten Cart Path contains stories of nineteen golf courses that are located in the hamlets and highlands where golfers seldom look for a game. There's a few pictures and some interesting anecdotes about each course. You can read about Canyon Breeze Golf Course in Beaver, Utah where the seventh hole is routed through the middle of the town's race track. Or you can enjoy the story of Belden Hill Golf Club in Harpursville, N.Y. where one man objected to the the price of golf and built his own course.

The fact is these nineteen are not meant to be definitive, but rather inspirational. The leading bean counters in golf estimate that there are about 16,000 golf course in the U.S. A very small percentage of those courses make it into our television sets and golf magazines. The rest are left for us to discover.

That's exactly what we did.

So go to it. Discover the great courses of the United States.

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