Golf News for Monday, February 28, 2011 | Real Estate

Polis Cyprus offers golfers near idyllic property opportunities

One of the finest golf course developments in the world today is officially underway in Polis Cyprus after many months of preceding groundwork, costing over 30 million Euros. This construction is a magnificent world class twin signature conception that literally ends right on the sea. With its own 750 metre stretch of beach and set in 2.9 million square metres of prime coastal land. This is the only joint project in the whole of Europe by Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, two of the games most successful players and also two of the leading golf course designers in the world. Having seen the intimate details of the courses and the site itself, there is no doubt as a golf lover that this is the best site in the whole of Europe bar none. The courses are all about the spectacular views over the Mediterranean sea. The whole site has been carefully planned to encompass magnificent views from every conceivable angle on top. The Gary Player course is known as the mountain course and is elevated in to the hills overlooking the Jack Nicklaus course ending on the beach front. The developer in charge of the project has promised not only to provide the best golf courses in Europe but also some of the finest golf villas throughout the Mediterranean. Consider this, Marbella and the Algarve only gained their reputation and wealth factor due to their splendid golf courses?

The master project is due for completion in mid to late 2012 and according to the leading property investment experts in Cyprus today "is producing circumstances which are highly conducive for exceptional property investment opportunity". With a highly limited choice of existing property options around the golf courses ranging from luxury marina apartments to sea front and sea view villas as well as building plots. There is also a 10,000 sq metre commercial plot available right between the 2 courses with close views over the sea. With the crashed property market in Cyprus now showing its first substantial recovery figures in 2 years and property purchase prices at their lowest point over the last decade. Shrewd investors can presently take advantage of some exceptional properties and incredibly low purchase prices surrounding the courses. Aquiring these properties should produce between 1-200% return on the original investment in under 3 years. However, taking into account the unique nature and the quality of the development there is an outside chance of much higher potential yields. The keen investor should bear in mind, that this is the most highly protected area in Cyprus. A (U.N.E.S.C.O. classified region). This will ensure the lack of overdevelopment and retain the exclusivity and pristine nature of the most beautiful spot in Cyprus.

Over 75 celebrity purchases within the last 6 months on the nearby golf resorts suggest the start of a trend. Those by Aphrodite Hills, the Secret Valley, Minthis Hills and the brand spanking new Elea golf resort designed and completed less than 2 months ago by Nick Faldo, are paving the way for Cyprus to become a top golfing destination in Europe. There are still more on the way as we write this..

Cyprus offers the longest golf playing season in Europe, another reason for its new found popularity. Having by far the lowest crime rate in developed Europe will certainly help in the popularity stakes on top. Cyprus also offers the cheapest purchase prices on, like for like golf, investment and luxury property anywhere in the Mediterranean today, in other words more property for your money. More importantly than this, is the little known fact that Cyprus has some of the finest tax concessions in the world today including a 6% tax rate on properties sold and a limited corporation tax at 10% According to financial experts like the UK, Times newspaper and many other leading experts in the world of finance I quote " Cyprus tops the list of tax destinations worldwide because it has an exceptional business and income - tax rate of 5% maximum on pensions for retired residents, as well as low property prices and no inheritance tax. It also scores highly on related issues such as ease of gaining residency, exceedingly low property buying and selling costs and benefits for pensioners and lastly has exceptional healthcare "

A summary of reasons to buy golf, luxury or investment property in Cyprus, at the start of the market resurgence in early 2011.

Driving is on the left like in the UK!

The longest golf playing summer season in Europe!

Exceptional legal fees on purchase (0.5 -1%) of the property price!

The golf courses have some of the most magnificent vistas in the world!

Like for like property is far cheaper than anywhere else in the Mediterranean!

Many UK celebrities and sportsman are already taking advantage of being here!

Some of the finest personal and business taxation rates around the globe today!

Legal and financial systems are based on English law except far simpler and faster!

A crime rate a 1/6 th lower than any other European or in fact Mediterranean destination!

The property buying procedure is renowned for being one of the easiest processes world wide!

Selected Investment property here, is producing the best rental returns in the whole of Europe!

Widely regarded as the foremost investment experts in Cyprus, we have the most stringent selection process of all property experts here today. Unlike many agents selling property in Cyprus, each property featured has been highly researched to reflect the cream of property in Cyprus today. Every property has been intricately studied and takes into account factors such as: What is being built nearby in the future? build quality? exceptional locations? and several factors that most agents ignore in their quest to sell property!

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