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Tom Watson instructional DVD set now available at Amazon Japan

Tom Watson Productions announced that it is selling the English language version of "Tom Watson - Lessons of a Lifetime" on Amazon Japan. The instruction golf DVD program is also available for sale and international delivery on

Tom Watson will be competing in the Dunlop Phoenix Golf Tournament in Miyazaki City, Japan from November 18 to 21.

TOM WATSON LESSONS OF A LIFETIME" Instructional Golf 2 Disc DVD Set The two-DVD set containing close to three hours of golf instruction and an accompanying booklet of 44 lessons was filmed at The Greenbrier Resort in the United States, where Watson is Golf Professional Emeritus. This instructional program is the ultimate learning experience, covering all facets of the game-from the grip to full shots, to chipping, putting and the secret of his timeless swing, plus specialty shots including those required in strong wind conditions.

Directed by award-winning Terry Jastrow, 'Lessons of a Lifetime' embodies the practical experiences and competitive winning strategies that have earned Watson professional recognition as one of the greatest players of all time. "Tom Watson applies the same sense of determination and purpose in his new DVD instructional set," says Jastrow, "as he has to his competitive golf game. It's fifty years of experience from one of the game's masters."

Watson ranks 6th on the list of total major championship victories with more wins than Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Watson is one of only fourteen players to have won at least three of the four golfing major titles

Encyclopedic in its skill and strategy coverage, 'Lessons of a Lifetime' is a defining instructional medium and will be a must for beginning golfers and weekend warriors as well as experienced golfers wanting to step up their game. Watson shares the knowledge of the golf swing and game that he learned as a student, competitor and peer of golf legends Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino and others. Watson says, "It's very important that golfers-whether they are beginners or have played for 50 years-learn and understand the fundamentals. These are the building blocks every golfer needs to have in order to play up to their potential but, more importantly, to have fun."

From playing in the wind, to hooking and slicing, antidotes to fearless putting, Watson breaks them down in an easy-to-understand manner. Golfers can begin applying these lessons of a lifetime the next time they stand on the first tee with their friends. Watson teaches his lessons of his lifetime as if golfers are there with him.

"I was fortunate to have received excellent instruction early in my life," says Watson, a Kansas City, Missouri, native who shows no signs of slowing down. "When I was 6 years old, my father, Ray Watson, cut down a hickory-shafted 5-iron, then proceeded to teach me the grip, and how to hook and slice the ball-all the basic fundamentals of the game. It's all this knowledge I've accumulated that I'd like to share with golfers in 'Lessons of a Lifetime.' "

Consistency, contact, alignment, firmness of grip, pivot points, release, rhythm and legendary coach, Harvey Penick's "dead-aim" philosophy are all covered in the two comprehensive DVDs. Watson's instruction comes across in an easy-to-understand manner making it seem your standing right beside him on the tee or green.

The DVD program is prepared in the NTSC format and is region free to play on Japanese equipment.

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