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William K. Wolfrum: Golfer Supremacy Rankings back on the mustache ride

When the Golfer Supremacy Rankings debuted in 1995, the first edition was titled "What a Mustache Ride! Corey Pavin wins the U.S. Open!" It was a great way to break our cherry, and now Pavin is back on top and we couldn't be more turned on. We're only upset we couldn't cram a few more random sexual innuendos into this first paragraph.

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. Karrie Webb

Comments: Webb once again added to her LPGA hall-of-fame resume by winning the Evian Masters, holding off both young - Michelle Wie, Lorena Ochoa - and old - Laura Davies. Aside from further cementing her return to the top of the game, the win gives Webb 33 for her career, along with seven majors. More or less, all the attention afterward went to young Wie, but here's the rub: the Australian doesn't seem to care about being noticed.

The Golfer Supremacy Rankings may appreciate razzmatazz, but lets make one thing clear: the sports world belongs to those like Karrie Webb, who just win, baby.

2. Corey Pavin

Comments: If you don't love the fact that Pavin won the U.S. Bank Championship, then you, sir, are a communist. In getting his first PGA Tour win in a decade, what really catches the eye is how impressive the victory was. Pavin went wire-to-wire, averaged 26.5 putts per round, and sunk a 6-iron from 172 yards out for an eagle to basically close the show. Great stuff, and very likely the most exciting thing to happen in Milwaukee since Lew Alcindor was in town.

3. Wie Warriors

Comments: Ok, here's the thing, when someone writes a blog about your hero that basically roots her on to victory, jump on board. Because that blog was written, and all we got to see was Michelle Wie fans start making excuses for her - before the final round was even played.

"Even if she doesn't win, she's still fantastic"

"It's not just up to her, someone could beat her."

"It could be too hot and she'll melt like a fudgcicle."

"Winning is so overrated in this society, can't we enjoy her skirts?"

"Win, win what? Go Michelle!"

Where were the "Yeah! Do it Michelle, beat 'em all and grind them into dust!!!" comments? Few and far between, let me tell you. Plus, afterward, there was no anger, but jubilation for another second-place performance.

Now, I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Before they play, I will talk smack, taunt, yell, etc. And if they lose, well, the dog gets kicked, things get set on fire, I spend weeks in jail, get divorced, see my reputation get ransacked and basically watch my entire life come apart at the seams. And that's a preseason game, mind you. And guess what, they're NFL champions, and victory is so much sweeter when defeat brings so much pain.

C'mon, people, show some passion. If you can't demand a victory out of her, how do you expect her to demand one of herself?

4. Loren Roberts

Comments: My dad and I once played a round of golf at Jess Ranch Golf Course in Apple Valley, Calif. We were a paired with an old guy who claimed to be Loren Roberts' father. We were inclined to believe him because who the hell would lie about being Loren Roberts' father? So, Mr. Roberts, please congratulate your son on winning the Senior British Open.

Random Factoid: Bubba Watson, who averages about 60 yards more off the tee than Corey Pavin, finished tied for 44th at the U.S. Bank Championship. And distance is ruining the game, how?


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