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William K. Wolfrum: Golfers on steroids?

Some random thoughts:

So who will be golf's first Floyd Landis - the Tour de France winner that was reportedly found to have an abnormally high testosterone level? At this point you'd just have to throw out all known rules of humanity to think there isn't someone on one of the pro tours gacked up on roids.

Landis is a tough case, though. He insists he's innocent, and he just seems so sincere that most of us are rooting for him. Though that once again puts fans in the morbid position of rooting for a blood and/or urine test.

Landis has a tough road ahead of him, however, as so few athletes will admit to any type of wrongdoing as far as chemical enhancement, regardless of how miniscule their genitalia has become. Heck, try asking Mark McGwire why he looked like an ox the last several years of his career and you'd think you were talking to Chad Utley about his hitting streak.

Every time the media reports on one of those Tiger Woods' "So there!" phone calls to Annika Sorenstam, do you think B.J. Wie and Nike die just a little? Will this be the weekend Tiger calls Michelle with "I'm still 48 ahead of you," remark?

One of the great shocks of this decade is that poker somehow got popular on television. Poker without having a personal stake in it may as well be rummy. People are basically sitting around watching people play rummy, or old maid on TV. Of course, what can be expected from a nation that got swept away by dance.

Constant craaaaving,
has allllways beeen ...

It is nice to see that K.D. Lang is having such great success in poker. Even though she calls herself Phil Hellmuth now, she's a real lightning rod of controversy. It's that poker face that makes the good ones like her great. Oh wait, they all wear sunglasses. God, how lame.

Was I the only one who thought that maybe Corey Pavin was on the run from the law, or perhaps running for political office, when first seeing his name leading a headline? What the ... who the ... huh? A 26? Wow.

"It seemed like it was a misprint up there, maybe," Pavin said.

Who knows if he'll win the U.S. Bank Championship, but who cares? Great job, Corey.
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