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BoardRoom's Distinguished Club Awards honoring two at very top

Two of America's top private clubs have reached the pinnacle of BoardRoom's Distinguished Club Awards with the designation as Emerald Clubs - the only two clubs to qualify in 2009!

To earn the coveted Emerald Club award, both Addison Country Club, Delray Beach, Fla. and The Sanctuary Golf Club, Sanibel Island, Fla. achieved distinguished status in 10 departmental categories.

"These are not won by a popularity contest," exclaimed John Fornaro, publisher, The BoardRoom. "It's not earned because you have a $60 million dollar clubhouse; rather clubs are judged by their departments, programs and their staff…the very reason members use the facility and derive their greatest satisfaction from their private club."

Michael McCarthy, CEO, Addison Country Club and Ken Kouril, general manager, The Sanctuary Golf Club also both qualify for General Manager Distinguished Awards.

Other general managers who also receive the General Manager Distinguished Awards for recognition in a minimum of five categories are:
Stephen LoGuidice, Ibis Golf & Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL
Brent Tartamella, Westmoor Club, Nantucket, MA
Jim Butler, Grey Oaks County Club, North Naples FL

Following is the list of recipient clubs and distinguished departments:

Addison Reserve Country Club, Delray Beach, Fla.
General Manager Distinguished Club Award: Michael McCarthy, CEO
Jr. golf program: Karen Sherman-Lavin and Kevin Baldizar
Governance: Michael McCarthy
Human resources: Angela K.Rodriguez
Special events (New Years): Richard Stropp
Tennis program: Jeff Bingo
Communication: Jo Calli
Course maintenance: John Stofa
Spa/fitness: Grant Worthington
Health: Angela K. Rodriguez
Employee Breakfast: Angela K. Rodriguez

The Sanctuary Golf Club, Sanibel Island, Fla.
General Manager Distinguished Club Award: Ken Kouril, CCM, CAM
Tennis Program: Christie Bradley
Membership Program: Sherly Tatum
Menu/Chef Program: Steve Brown
Course Maintenance: Kyle Sweet
Greens Initiative: Kyle Sweet
Human Resources: Judy Davis
Jr. Golf Program: Ed Lockard
Wine Program: Steve Brown
Merchandising: Katie Clark
Open category: Community Island Spirit: Ken Kouril

Westmoor Club, Nantucket, Mass.
General Manager Distinguished Club Award: Brent Tartamella
Swim program: "Skip" Lehmann
Tennis program: Wayne Davies
Membership program: Logan Gomes
Menu/chef program: Peter Wallace
Spa/Fitness program: Andrea Smith

Ibis Golf & Country Club (West Palm Beach, Florida)
General Manager Distinguished Club Award: Stephen LoGuidice
Course maintenance: Matt Masemore
Tennis program: Chuck Gill
Governance: Stephen J. LoGuidice
Menu/chef program: Jerome Nicolas
Human resources: Michell Moran-Victor
Communications: Heather Andrews
Open category (Public Safety): Edwin Latalladi

Grey Oaks County Club (N. Naples Florida)
General Manager Distinguished club Award: Jim Butler
Tennis program: Steven Vaughan
Menu/chef: Scott Estelle
Governance: Jim Butler
Membership program: Ann Marie Ashline
Course maintenance: David Pagel & Rory Mudge

A couple of individual programs warrant special mention:

The Country Club at Mirasol, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: General Manager: Matt Lambert, CCM
Communications: Meredith Emond

Spa and Fitness: Apawamis Club, Rye, New York. Mario Guaglianone, founder and managing director, The Salus group.

"These awards will motivate staff to be creative and improve the member experience," Fornaro said in announcing the recipients along with Wayne Ostrander, director of the distinguished club awards.

"Clubs that innovate, that provide great member experiences, impeccable services and motivated staff have fared better through this recession than others. These awards will also help the clubs differentiate themselves with other clubs and these awards are a terrific recruitment tool," Fornaro added.

"Congratulations to all of our 2009 winners!" Ostrander injected. "Now we want clubs to focus on the 2010 awards, because The Distinguished Club Awards serve as reinforcement to top industry performers and sets benchmarks for other industry participants."

For an opportunity to be recognized, private clubs should apply for 2010 awards by October 30, 2010.

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