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The Lie Detector iPhone app for those sloping lies during golf

The Lie Detector is the first iPhone app from new company, How To Go Mad. It's designed to help golfers of all abilities measure and learn about the effects of sloping lies on their game.

The app uses an iPhone / iPod's accelerometer to gather information about a slope, simply by placing it on the ground. This data is then used to provide easy-to-understand advice to golfers about how their shots will be affected and what they should do to compensate.

"I'm a computer graphics professional but also a good amateur golfer", says David Todman - founder of How To Go Mad. "About a year ago I was playing a particularly hilly golf course with a friend of mine. I noticed that they didn't seem to be taking much notice of their lie when setting up for shots. They just aimed fairly straight and then looked on in horror as their ball flew off line. We talked at length and with some simple tips I was able to get them thinking better and adapting correctly to uphills, downhills and side slopes. That experience inspired me to ask other golfers about their approach to this aspect of the game. And it soon became clear that many players have no strategy for adapting their setup to unusual slopes, they simply leave it to chance. So I began to think of ways we might use the world of creative graphics to illuminate the subject in a clear and interesting way. Twelve months later, The Lie Detector is the result and everyone here is very proud of how it's turned out."

The "Auto Lie" feature automatically measures slopes by resting the mobile device on the ground. It then offers help and advice tailored specifically to golfers. The "Manual Lie" feature also gives advice but slopes can be manually input by the user through simple sliders and buttons. However, the authors also wanted to teach users about the concepts underpinning the app - how and why different slopes affect shots in different ways. In order to achieve this, a series of short films were bundled with the app, making great use of computer graphics to enlighten viewers in a completely jargon-free environment.

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About How To Go Mad
How To Go Mad is a new media venture seeking to explore unusual aspects of golf in unique ways. Its founder, David Todman, combines a professional expertise in computer graphics with an encyclopaedic knowledge of golf and sport. The creative potential of collaborations between these two worlds has already given birth to The Lie Detector - a mobile app for measuring and learning about uneven golf lies. But further plans are underway to develop unique film and software projects.

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