Golf News for Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | Equipment

Jeff Gavin plays Geek Golf club to lead Long Drive tournament

At the recent Professional Long Drive Los Cabos Classic, held May 29th thru the 31st of May, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Geek Golf Staff member Jeff Gavin blasted a Tee Shot in competition that was measured at 434 yards using the DOT COM THIS 5* golf club by Geek Golf. This set a record at this event and was the farthest Drive of all clubs used, Major or Minor.

Steve Almo, President of Geek Golf was recently quoted, "we are very proud of the fact that only 2 Professional Long Drivers were using Geek Clubs in this event and yet 1 made the Final 8, Jeff Gavin, and Patrick Hopper finished near the Top as well!" Mr. Almo continued, "Geek Golf has the best record in Professional Long Drive the last 4 years and owns the most records in RE/MAX Finals history of any component head company!"

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