Golf News for Monday, March 1, 2010 | Equipment

Aerotech Golf announces introduction of new Claymore shafts

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Golf's leader in composite shaft innovation, Aerotech Golf announces the introduction of its all-new Claymore product line, a series of ultra light graphite shafts for drivers and fairway woods designed specifically to enhance performance of today's new generation of stronger players and larger clubheads.

The Claymore is an exciting lightweight, filament-wound design engineered for a seamless, extremely uniform and stable flexing golf shaft. The Claymore driver and fairway wood shafts utilize a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber that allows more high-modulus fibers to be incorporated into specific fiber angles including the hoop wound (90°) surface layer which minimizes shaft distortion for superior stability.

"Aerotech Golf has built its reputation on innovative composite shaft designs and creative material engineering, and the all-new Claymore is no exception to this philosophy," says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "The Claymore marks a new generation of very stable, low-torque super-light weight golf shafts. While we've designed the softer flexes to improve launch conditions for the slower swing speeds the firmer flexes can handle even the strongest of swings. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a super light weight golf shaft no matter what your swing speed."

The Claymore was initially made available to the Long Drive circuit in 2009 and made its way into the bag of 13 competitors at the 2009 Remax Long Drive Worlds. The long drive model (Claymore LD) is available in three flexes LD400 (4X flex), LD300 (3X flex) and LD200 (2X flex). Hot on the heels of the success of the Long drive version Aerotech is now launching two additional models — MX48 and MX60 — with five flex levels (F1-F5) each. The MX48 weights are 47 grams (F1 flex) through 50 grams (F5 flex), while the slightly heavier MX60 model weighs in at 57 grams (F1) to 60 grams (F5). MSRP $99.

Aerotech Golf specializes in uniquely engineered, performance-enhancing golf shafts and has supplied shafts to such renowned golf club manufacturers as Cleveland Golf, Adams Golf, Fenwick, Srixon, Lynx, Zevo and Pure Spin among many others. By launching its own branded golf shafts in 2002, Aerotech became known as a producer of some of the most innovative, high-quality golf shafts on the market.

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