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Chris Baldwin: Where to play in Newport when not stalking Michelle Wie at U.S. Women's Open

Michelle Wie is playing in Newport, Rhode Island for the U.S. Women's Open. Which means they'll be a lot of people swarming the town's charming - and highly commercialized - streets who think Wie is the GREATEST FEMALE GOLFER EVER. These are the same type of folks who only watch Olsen Twin movies and think every other actress is some kind of pretender.

In other words, these are either the very young, the very disturbed (think people Dateline NBC catches in one of their specials, or a teacher Oprah's interviewing) or the very stupid.

If you're in Newport, even to watch the Open, you might want to get away from these people for a while. One of the best ways is to actually go golfing. Few of these Wie Maniacs know anything about golf themselves. The last place you'll ever find them is on a course swinging a club.

Newport isn't a great golf town. But it does have some decent options. Newport National is an Arthur Hills design that's heavy on the tall grasses and a little removed from the hustle of downtown. For the complete story on Newport's golf scene, click this link.

I spent a little time last summer in Newport, felt the "openness" of U.S. Women's Open host course Newport Country Club and observed the town's Michelle Wie Buzz a year in advance.

I knew better than to return now when the crazies are gathering in mass. With Rhode Island being Rhode Island, they were actually worried about the attendance figures for the Women's Open for a while. I hear they considered just busing in a few nearby mental wards to fill out the galleries.

Everyone would just think they were Michelle Wie fans anyways.

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