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SkyGolf unveils new SkyCaddie SGX and Golf 2.0 GPS rangefinder

ORLANDO, Fla. -- SkyGolf, pioneer of the GPS rangefinder category and developer of SkyCaddie, the #1 Rangefinder in Golf, introduced a series of complementary game-changing technologies with the launch of its revolutionary SkyCaddie SGX, the next generation rangefinder; SGX SmartClub Technology, a break-through innovation adding intelligence and wireless connectivity to golf clubs; and ClubSG, the portal to golf's future.

Such technologies and break-through innovations provide a true foundation for growing the game, both on and off the course, by connecting golfers to their game, their PGA Professionals, their equipment, their courses and other golfers that are passionate about the sport of golf.

"Our mission is to help golfers play smarter, play better, play faster and have more fun. We believe that if golfers experience more rewards from the game, they will play more rounds, take more lessons, get properly fit for equipment, and share their passion with other golfers, both new and inactive, to help to grow the game," said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. "The SkyCaddie SGX is not only the most advanced, reliable distance measuring device in golf, it is a platform that can extend the game beyond the 18th green. Moreover, it provides a foundation for improvement, while providing access to a passionate golfing community where players come together to enjoy the sport and celebrate achievements, which will motivate them and others to play more golf."

The Next Generation Rangefinder

The SkyCaddie® SGX™, golf's next generation rangefinder, boasts a durable, new sleek design with a large 3" easy-to-read, transflective LCD screen that provides brilliant color images even in the brightest sunlight. Powered by a long lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the SGX is ready for up to 14 hours of continuous play. The SGX uses an innovative, dual navigation option, to provide easy one-handed operation and precision positioning without blocking critical screen information with fat fingers and smudges. With its new, intuitive user interface, errors generated with large fingers and the difficulty of using gloves on touch screens are totally eliminated.

The SGX also includes SkyCaddie's proprietary TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology in a high performance GPS engine with ultra-fast satellite acquisition for unmatched accuracy and reliability. The unmatched accuracy of the SGX is crucial to a golfer's confidence, which is further enhanced by an omni-directional, high performance GPS antenna that locks quickly onto more satellites and stays locked to optimize performance and accuracy in all terrains, including under the foliage of trees. To trust their club, a golfer has to be able to trust their caddie, just like a Tour player. The SGX is built to be trusted.

For the ultimate in convenience and reliability, the SGX offers up to 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified maps making it "Ready to Play" out of the box with basic green information. Only SkyCaddie spends the time and money to ground-verify every single course map in its library to make sure its golfers have information they can trust. Not a single player on Tour uses yardage books in competition derived from satellite images or flyovers. SkyCaddie does not believe consumers should play with such unverified information either. SkyCaddie owners receive unlimited access to the most complete, most reliable and the only ground verified course maps in the game, offered in easy to understand annual membership plans, with no hidden fees or variable charges. Not only can the SGX store up to 30,000 preloaded courses with basic green information, its enhanced storage offers the capability to maintain up to 50 full-featured courses in the SGX at one time with the most advanced and reliable information in the game. Nothing else comes close.

Advanced Game Changing Features
The SGX also supports SkyCaddie's growing database of courses offering Interactive HoleVue™ with Zoom capability. SkyCaddie is creating the first-of-its-kind, ground-corrected graphics library of courses maps in brilliant colors and detail. HoleVue enables the golfer to know the distance to any point on a hole, which helps them to plan the best strategy to play the hole in the fewest strokes. In fact, only SkyCaddie has invested the time and money in ground verification of all map data, to provide HoleVue graphics that can be trusted. This is further complemented by SkyCaddie's patented HoleVue™ Zoom capability that provides the golfer with an up-close view of the target area to strategize his next shot.

The SGX is further separated from its competition through SkyCaddie's patented IntelliGreen® technology that showcases the exact shape of the green by automatically rotating the green to match a golfer's angle of approach. IntelliGreen provides all of the distances needed to hit more greens and avoid three putts. Additionally, the SGX offers IntelliGreen® Pro, providing golfers with the added ability to obtain distances to major green contours, false fronts and any other point on the green, plus front, carry and back distances from any angle of attack. Because such information cannot be derived from satellite imagery, it is available exclusively from SkyCaddie thanks to its proprietary ground mapping methodology.

Golfers also can use the SGX to learn how far they hit each club and create a personal club profile. Thereafter, each time a golfer checks his yardage, a new Club Ranging Meter displays where the distance fits within his range of clubs.

Lastly, SGX offers a convenient Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking option to track key game statistics, including: greens in regulation, fairways hit, driving accuracy and distance, plus total putts. Golfers can auto sync their scores and stats to SkyGolf's newly created and quickly evolving online community, ClubSG, for comprehensive game tracking and analysis.

SGX Enabled With SmartClub™ Technology

What truly defines the SGX as the next generation rangefinder is its compatibility with SkyCaddie's revolutionary SGX SmartClub Technology. Expected to be released later in 2010, SGX SmartClub Technology adds intelligence and a wireless communication link to each club in a golfer's bag. Upon removal of a club from the golfer's bag, SmartClub Tags located at the butt end cap of the grip establishes a direct communication link with the SkyCaddie.

This revolutionary connectivity adds new functionality and opens a huge portal to expand the game beyond the 18th green and to golf's future. For example, SGX Club Reminder™ utilizes SmartClub technology to alert a golfer if a wedge or other club is left behind before the player advances to the next hole. SGX Game Tracker™ can also utilize the same technology to capture the club used, the geo-location and distances of each shot, while eliminating most of the effort and distraction of manual entry. Captured round data and personal performance data are synced to ClubSG for unparalleled post-game analytics or sharing with friends, teachers and fitters.

Introducing ClubSG Beta…
The final component in the Company's portal to golf's future is ClubSG Beta, SkyGolf's new online community located at ClubSG Beta connects golfers to their game, their courses, their equipment, their teachers and each other. In fact, new SGX owners can sync and store their game data in a personal performance locker and, in-turn, track key stats, learn about courses, find a teacher, learn if their equipment is helping or hurting their game and connect with other golfers. Launched in January 2010, ClubSG Beta, a fast-evolving work in progress, is a growing community of passionate golfers eager to enjoy better experiences on and off the course, by motivating each other to improve, celebrate their successes, and attract new players to the game.

Edmonson adds, "Growing the game by helping golfers to play better and have more fun fuels the passion that keeps us innovating. This innovation is why we're #1 in golf's only growth category, and why we always have something game-changing on the horizon."

Delivery & Pricing
SkyCaddie SGX will be available at most golf shops nationwide in April 2010. SmartClub Technology with SGX SmartClub Tags is expected to be available by June 2010. Suggested retail price for the SkyCaddie SGX is $399.95. Pricing for SmartClub Technology with SGX SmartClub Tags will be released at a later date.

SkyGolf, developer of SkyCaddie, the No. 1 rangefinder in golf, is committed to providing the same reliable information a professional caddie provides to PGA Tour professionals. This unmatched reliability, only available with a SkyCaddie, is created by walking the course just like a Tour Caddie does for a professional golfer and recording critical target information using the only method trusted in professional golf. To date, SkyGolf has walked over 287,000 miles or 12 times around the earth mapping almost 30,000 courses using SkyCaddie's exclusive Tour Caddie Methodology, while thousands of the golf courses are updated and remapped each year using the same reliable methodology. SkyGolf believes every amateur deserves the same complete information with the same reliability professional golfers receive and would never play without. The SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of The PGA of America, Canadian PGA, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, PGA of Germany, the Swedish PGA and a Technology Partner of the PGA Learning Center. Visit for more information.

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