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OGIO sets new minimum standard for ultra-lightweight golf bags

ORLANDO, Fla. -- It seems that in the golf category, one can be too thin. At least such is the position of OGIO's golf bag design team, which this season stood its ground and set a new minimum threshold for its ultra-lightweight, full-featured golf bags at 3.5 lbs.

"Though we are fully capable of making full-featured golf bags that weigh in less than 3.5 lbs., we've determined that the sacrifices in durability and construction were too great to move forward in that category," explains Tom Gocke, OGIO's global vp of golf. "Just a few extra ounces can make the difference between a bag that looks good for half a season, and one that holds up for years."

OGIO's lightest bag offerings - now staying above the company's 3.5 lb. benchmark - include the updated Ozone (4.0 lbs), the Decibel (3.8 lbs.) and the Wire (3.6 lbs.). Not surprisingly each bag is loaded with signature OGIO components.

Gocke continues, "At 3.5 pounds, golfers can enjoy the benefits of an organizing top, internal structure, sturdy leg stands and reliability, without noticing a significant weight difference. We have heard numerous stories from retailers who struggle with disproportionately higher returns in this category, simply because super light bags cannot withstand the game's demands. Therefore, until science produces lighter materials that can stand up to the rigors of being tossed in and out of a trunk, this will remain our benchmark."

OGIO's 2010 light weight bags include:

- Ozone (MSRP: $170.00): Crowned with a 9" Woode organizing top, the updated Ozone further features OGIO's no-catch Arc Light stand system; anti-sink foot pads; an external ball silo; and a walking-accessible water bottle holster. The Ozone is available in Black Plaid, Ladapus, Onslaught, Sherlock Plaid, Stealth and a limited-edition Prizmata design.
- Decibel (MSRP: $140.00): This sleek, subtle bag makes a statement through its performance. At 36" tall, the Decibel is outfitted with a 9" Woode top; eight pockets; plus endless specialized containment for tees, towels, gloves, putter covers, and much more. Available in Apple, Juice, Prizmata, Red and Stealth.
- Wire (MSRP: $110.00): The lightest bag in OGIO's 2010 roundup still packs in features such as OGIO's 7" Woode organizing top; a fleece-lined valuables pocket; the company's Crossbow shoulder strap system; plus four zippered pockets including a walking-accessible water bottle holster. The Wire is available in Hoth, Red, Sherlock Plaid and Stealth.

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Kelly M. Mooney
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