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PGCC now Partnering with the University of Wisconsin - Stout

Of the many questions that we perennially ask ourselves, the most persistent one might be; what am I going to do with my life? If you are passionate about golf, you may find your answer here, at the Professional Golfers Career College. PGCC's focus is distributed evenly on both quality and opportunity. The focus on quality ensures that every student receives an exceptional golf education, culminating in an Associate's Degree in Professional Golf Management, and now, through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Stout, students have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Golf Enterprise Management.

The Professional Golfers Career College is one of only two schools in the nation to have an approved articulation agreement with the University's Golf Enterprise Management program. Stout accepts 64 of PGCC's 72 total credits, with the option for more, with previous college education. The length of the program is 2 years, after completing the Associate's Degree at PGCC. The program is completed online eliminating the concern about relocating. Some PGCC graduates have already seized the opportunity and enrolled, with a projected graduation date of 2011.

The B.S. in Golf Enterprise Management program provides a comprehensive and challenging academic experience that will prepare graduates who are leaders in the golf business profession. The program will offer a broad exposure to all facets of the business of golf industry through its interdisciplinary curriculum. The program includes exposure to golf industry best practices. Students are immersed in experiential learning through well-defined co-ops and internships.

Upon graduation, students will be able to analyze major trends in the golf industry, including tourism, consumer interests, course ownership and management, and golf retail businesses. Graduates will be able to distinguish the missions of principal national and international associations in the golf industry; understand golf facility operations from perspectives of resort, private, municipal, and daily fees courses; apply business, accounting, and marketing principles to meet management needs of golf enterprises; develop and apply strategies for attracting new customers and retaining existing customers of golf operations; apply the principles of turf management, soil science and environmental science to the layout, design and management of golf courses; and integrate the knowledge and skills obtained in the curriculum through practical experience in the golf industry.

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Interview Contact: Mark Bland
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