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Chris Baldwin: Roger Clemens a complete phony as Astros savior, but fun, lucky golfer

When Roger Clemens takes the ball tonight for the Houston Astros, he's sure to be celebrated as a great hero who put his hometown first.

Heck, ESPN's already covered his "return" with a fervor usually reserved for new Popes.

And it's all a big joke. For there's no more money grubbing athlete in all of sports than Clemens. He's always been up for sale to whoever would pay him the most, bend to his demands the easiest.

Clemens is a much worse example of athletic greed than Terrell Owens. Yet TO's savaged while The Rocket is celebrated.

Please. Clemens drags out these so-called retirement decisions every year, just to pump up his purchase price. And bring out an extra perk or three hundred. The Rocket never planned to retire. Not when he took Steinbrenner's Hummer, not after he squeezed another $22 million out of the Astros and a spot for his son in the minors.

It's all a game for him and his agents and he's played major league baseball teams in a way Ari Gold could only dream of. Can you imagine if Allen Iverson or Dodgers hothead pitcher Brad Penny decided that they only wanted to travel on certain road trips? They'd be crucified on sports talk from coast to coast.

With Clemens his decision not to go when he's not pitching is viewed as some great family plan.

When most of the time, The Rocket's just playing golf on those days. Or doing whatever else his dollar sign heart desires.

Clemens is apparently a fun guy to golf with. Celebrities vie to have him in their foursomes. He's also almost as lucky in golf as he is in contract negotiations. The Rocket has five holes in one in his golf career. This isn't reflective of any perfect swing either. Just Rocket power.

For my interview with Clemens on his golf game, click here. For fawning, truth-ignored views of Clemens' "comeback" stay tuned to ESPN or your local sports station.

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