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Jim McLean's 10th book, "The Slot Swing," earns favorable review

MIAMI -- Earlier this year, Jim McLean released his 10th book, "The Slot Swing". Part of his goal when writing this book was to make it simple so every golfer, no matter their skill level, no matter their golf acumen, could understand exactly what he was writing. No fancy terminology, no in-depth analysis too hard to understand. Rather a book that a golfer could read, and learn from.

James Achenbach, the long time writer for Golfweek Magazine, is a self-described "golf-equipment junkie" and writes reviews for many golf products, books, and DVDs for Golfweek Magazine. In a recent article for Golfweek Magazine, Achenbach wrote, "The Slot Swing is the best golf instruction book I have ever read. Not only is it the best, but it also is the most honest. Why is it the best? Because anybody can understand it. Very little mumbo jumbo here."

"The Slot Swing" discusses the downswing path to the ball. As McLean writes, "The Slot is a moment in time - a link between the plane your shaft travels on during your backswing to the one it assumes as you deliver the clubhead into the back of the ball."

Achenbach, who joined Golfweek Magazine in 1975 and is now a senior writer, went on to write, "McLean's book can help many players hit the ball more solidly and perhaps add distance. This is not some pie-in-the-sky swing that can be achieved only by elite golfers. McLean's slot swing makes sense in a real world composed of real golfers."

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Jim McLean has long been recognized as one of the top golf instructors in the world, and is currently ranked No. 4 by Golf Digest. He is the owner of the No. 1 Rated Golf School in America, The Jim McLean Golf School. With locations at top resorts around the world, including Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami, FL; PGA WEST in La Quinta, CA; La Quinta Resort & Spa in La Quinta, CA; Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Williamsburg, MI; Wigwam Resort & Spa in Litchfield, AZ; Waterchase Golf Club in Ft. Worth, TX; and the Mayakoba Resort in Mexico. McLean has also authored over a dozen golf books including the newly released "The Slot Swing"; and has produced over a dozen videos and DVDs, including the recently released "Building Block Approach To Golf".

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