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"18 Holes of Golf Biss" DVD receives award from

SAN DIEGO -- LPGA Pro Jamie Zimron's award-winning golf fitness program and DVD "18 Holes of Golf BLISS: Make Your Golf Club Your Health Club!" has garnered yet another award. The powerful and innovative health and fitness Website,, has selected her DVDs as a Top Gear Award winner for 2009. is the creation of fitness and nutrition guru Tony Hale, and provides a wealth of information to help consumers intelligently sift through the huge selection of health and fitness products in today's marketplace. The GearAwards™ program spotlights the best products, as determined by judges who are industry professionals from the worlds of trainers, nutritionists, health care practitioners, coaches, instructors, club and storeowners and more.

"We want people to easily find the best of the best that's out there," said Tony Hale, CEO and Nutrition & Fitness Guru. "And if it has a GearAward™ seal on it, that just makes it simpler to find a great service or product - because we've done the footwork already."

Hale said that the judges were impressed with 18 Hole of Golf BLISS DVD because of the way Jamie so effectively communicated her message and instructional exercises to viewers.

"With the 18 Hole of Golf Bliss, what really caught the attention of our judges was that Jamie didn't just explain the mechanics of a great golf game, but she took those same tips golfers hear again and again and she helped them understand why they worked," Hale said. "It was this new point of view about the game that had the judges so excited that they were encouraged to test their skills with Jamie's new approach."

BLISS means Balance Lengthen Integrate Stretch Strengthen. As an LPGA Pro, 5th degree Aikido black belt and mind-body fitness expert, Jamie has designed innovative practices for golfers to genuinely improve their golf swings and scores. Known as "The Golf Sensei," she says her approach helps golfers to have more energy and skill, relieve pain, rehab injuries and develop proper fluid swing motion for greater power, accuracy, consistency and confidence.

Visit or call 800-978-5516 to check out 18 Holes of Golf BLlSS and Jamie's award-winning KiAi Golf Instructional DVD Series. The Golf Sensei offers individual lessons and intensives; group golf schools, interactive keynotes and corporate trainings, and works with charity golf events and 100-hole golf marathons.

ABOUT SHAPEYOU.COM is the creation of fitness and nutrition guru Tony Hale, and provides a wealth of information, articles and resources for consumers, service providers, and manufacturers in the sports, health and fitness industry. This year, also launched it's Sports, Health & Fitness Wholesale Trade Directory where wholesale trade buyers for sporting goods locations, health food stores and many other retail outlets can find all the wholesale products they're looking for in one location.

As an LPGA Pro, Jamie Leno Zimron is dedicated to bringing effective holistic training methods to golfers of all ages and abilities everywhere. Noting that statistics show only a slight rise in participation and improvement in golf, despite great advances in golf technology and spectator popularity, The Golf Sensei offers people "the missing east-west, body-mind links" that underlie the success of such premier players as Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Phil Mickelson, Lorena Ochoa and others.

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