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Katharine Dyson: Shawnee pro reveals secret golf training aid to keep golfers from pulling up

It may be time for a whipping. Jim Miller, Tillinghast Golf Academy's director of instruction at The Shawnee Inn in Pennsylvania (, says the hardest thing to teach in golf is to keep from pulling up.

Miller recently went back into the depths of his office to bring out his favorite swing aid, a grass whip he swears will cure that problem. It comes by way of Wild Bill Mehlhorn (, a pro golfer in the 20s who Ben Hogan said was the best ball striker he'd even seen.

He never missed a fairway or green. He just couldn't putt a lick. Mehlhorn associated the golf swing with athletic things we do in life that require movement of our arms and legs like throwing a ball or skipping a rock across the water. He logically surmised that a motion such as cutting grass with a grass whip would be good training to keep your swing on plane. Swish, swish ...

"I would wade in to a patch of high grass near my house and wear myself out cutting that grass. The real bonus ... I was automatically teaching myself timing between arms and legs, teaching an absolutely perfect direct line (swing plane) and at the same time, a perfect release both directions.

"This motion eliminated any wrist action, replacing it with a natural free forearm rotation," wrote Mehlhorn in his book, "Golf Secrets Exposed."

Buying into the idea, Miller started using the whip in his teaching. The aid has a golf grip attached to the golf shaft.

He says, "I tell everybody if they did this every night for three weeks - it takes three weeks to form a habit - by brushing the grass repeatedly, they'd learn to stay down. It's something I can't teach easily. Everyone can do this." Swish, swish.

I've seen punching bags, mirrors, tape and other materials used in the never-ending quest to perfect the golf swing. A grass whip? Why not.

You'll have less weeds in your yard. Swish, swish.

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