Golf News for Friday, November 13, 2009 | Products

Qgroove's line of exclusive designer golf bags hits the green

With designs touted as "several notches beyond the trendy" by Golf Digest Singapore, these are the newest and hippest golf bags around. Each design is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide and every golf bag is handmade and comes with a serial number uniquely allocated to its owner. Finally, a bag that defines who you are, both on and off the green.

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Fresh from its Tokyo launch, the Qgroove line of vibrantly-coloured designer golf bags are designed to fit you to a 'tee'.

In Tokyo, Qgroove's bold designs attracted a flood of interest from buyers in Korea, Thailand, Europe and the USA, as their stand stood out like a candy store in a sea of grey.

Qgroove's bags are specially designed for the golfer who would like to share a bit more of his or her personality on the green. During the design phase, Qgroove's designers were bored with what was available - everywhere they looked, it was black, grey, and blue, while for women, it was mostly pink, white and red. A conscious decision was made to go beyond the usual fuddy duddy colours.

But Qgroove's designers didn't restrict themselves to just tweaking colour. Their eyecatching designs include kois swimming along the curve of the bag, a smiling Japanese fortune cat ('maneki neko') waving from the corner, and a urban hipster denim bag emblazoned with Swarovski crystals. Qgroove's bags were specially conceived to show off not only playfulness and personality, but also be very, very practical.

For instance, their design team found that too many golf bags have mystery pockets everywhere, which only guarantees that golfers will cram them with rubbish that they'll only forget about. So the team spent a lot of time studying how golfers use pockets, and crafted a system that is not only pragmatic, but gives the bags a sleeker silhouette. The bags now have oversized velour-lined organizer-style compartments with integrated dividers, as well as waterproof front pockets with high contrast nylon taffeta lining - which should please both aesthetes as well as pack rats.

They are also amongst the lightest bags around, with stand bags starting at a mere 2.5 kg and cart bags from 3 kg. The fabric is made from specially-treated heavy-duty fabrics that are colour fast, water repellent and UV resistant, using SGScertified processes. Further, each design has matching accessories so that owners can have a complete suite of products for their lifestyle.

To maintain exclusivity, each Qgroove design will also be limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, accompanied by a unique serial number allocated to its owner, and will be handcrafted only upon ordering.

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