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Kiel Christianson: Antigua Desert Dry Extra-Lite line sets a high bar for moisture-wicking fabrics

Over the past several years, it seems every golf apparel manufacturer has introduced a "moisture-wicking" fabric of one kind or another. The purpose of these high-tech textiles is to draw sweat away from the skin to keep the wearer drier and cooler.

Many of these fabrics are synthetics, incorporating the flexibility and durability of polyester with newer structures and materials.

Antigua has just introduced its new Desert Dry Extra-Lite (D2XL) line, which improves on their previous moisture-wicking technology.

The line features fabrics that are so light, they almost feel like you're not wearing anything. Best of all in my opinion, though, is the combination of bamboo fibers into the fabrics of some of the shirts in the line.

The problem I have had in the past with many of the moisture-wicking shirts I've tested and reviewed is that once the round is over, it feels like the high-tech material locks in the dampness and doesn't let it evaporate. The result is a cold, clammy feeling for hours after the round if I don't change shirts.

In sharp contrast, Antigua's bamboo fabric not only pulled the sweat off of me during a recent humid round in which I carried my bag for 18 hilly holes. It also allowed the moisture to escape; within a half hour, the shirt felt quite dry and not in the least clammy.

And if you happen to be an ecologically conscious golfer as I am, it is worth noting that bamboo is extremely eco-friendly: grows faster, requires little to no pesticide, and stresses the soil far less than cotton.

Finally, for those of you who like shopping from home, Antigua just announced the opening of its online store, also accessible via the hotlink above.

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