Golf News for Monday, October 12, 2009 | Technology

TerraVea's new Course Mapper GPS for golf course management

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- TerraVea introduces the Course Mapper GPS, the first high-precision GPS mapping system developed for golf industry professionals. The Course Mapper GPS enables real-time sub-meter locates, measurements and inventories in the field, while working upon a detailed golf course basemap display.

The Course Mapper GPS system uses the best available geospatial technology, featuring Geneq's SXBlue II GPS, Tripod Data Systems' Nomad ruggedized PDA, and ESRI's ArcPad GPS/GIS mapping software.

The SXBlue II is a unique GPS receiver that provides reliable sub-meter positions in real-time by utilizing the free WAAS data correction signal, even in wooded environments. Real-time accuracy eliminates the time and expense of data post-processing, allows accurate locations and measurements while in the field, and makes professional-grade GPS now user-friendly for non-specialists.

Maximum benefits of the system are realized when used in combination with TerraVea's Benchmark Course Maps and Greens Models. Using the latest mapping technology, TerraVea has turned the basic as-built map into a high accuracy digital dataset. Golf course assets are 'benchmarked' with centimeter accuracy now, versus 3-6 foot errors typical in conventional as-builts. The Course Mapper GPS brings this basemap into the field by displaying it on the field computer, where it is used for golf course asset location.

Using a 3D Laser Scanner, TerraVea is able to accurately model the subtle shape of the green in high definition. This Greens Model is used to determine elevations, slope, pinable area and pin placements for the green. These areas and locations are put into the course basemap for display on the Course Mapper GPS. The SXBlue receiver enables rapid and reliable location of daily pin placement, saving labor over traditional taping and pacing while accurately providing consistent daily course setup; key to maintaining course rating and course slope.

The Course Mapper GPS is a key decision support tool for golf course superintendents needing quick and accurate answers. The golf course basemap is taken off the office wall and put in hand out in the field. The location, measurement and mapping capabilities will be put to use daily for such things as: measuring true square-foot areas; setting pin placements; tee marker rotation; locating buried equipment; and recording management inputs or work done on the course.

TerraVea is an innovator in golf course information solutions, leveraging the latest geographic technologies to deliver a strong return-on-investment. Better golf course information helps protect assets, controls costs and improves quality in design, construction, management and play. Maps, models, imagery and data are used to document, quantify and communicate golf course assets for use by the entire enterprise. Twenty years of experience in the geospatial industry is shared with their clients to ease implementation and ensure competitive advantage. For more information, please visit

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