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Chris Baldwin: I putt better than Michelle Wie - LPGA Championship proves it again

Posted Saturday, June 10

I'm the worst golfing golf writer in the world. Certified. When I come upon a long par 5, I write down an eight on my scorecard before teeing off and hope nobody calls me on shaving off a stroke. Or three (if there's any water to shank a shot into nearby).

Yet, I putt better than Michelle Wie.

When I arrived at my hotel room today, I turned on the TV and stumbled across the Golf Channel - just in time to see the Marketing Miracle blow a shortie on No. 17. Talk about your karma.

Sure, Wie went on to birdie the 18th for the third straight day and she's in prime position to do just enough to lose another one in the final round of the LPGA Championship. Really, the only question for Sunday is: How short are the missed putts that blow Wie's chance going to be?

Putting is the one time on the golf course I don't look I'm swinging in the dark, while being held upside down under water. Long one putts have saved me from many a huge number (OK, many a huger number).

And it's the one thing on the golf course Wie shows no clue about (besides maybe those pesky drop rules). Relatively to our comparative skill levels of course.

There's something to that. Who hasn't heard that putting reveals character line? I can putt (at my level). Michelle Wie can't (at hers).

I don't know Wie Warriors. You might be worshipping a false idol.

No need to fret though. I've saved plenty of room on my bandwagon for you all.

If you're good, there will even be BALDWIN PUTT ROCKS buttons in it for you. For a mere $9.95 shipping and handling fee.

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