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Shanks: The FedEx Cup is very flawed, still

There are two major problems with the FedEx Cup which all stem from this undeniable truth: it was contrived to bring about a finale to the season for a handful of star players who otherwise would have basically packed it in after the PGA Championship in August. The rank and file PGA Tour pros are patiently waiting for this to be over so they can get back to the business of either improving their standing on next years invitation lists, or just trying to secure their 2010 playing privileges.

The first big problem with the FedEx Cup is that it’s one tournament too long. You can tell that by the schedule. The PGA Tour is admitting that much by taking a one week break before the “championship round.” Every one of the players is saying as much in interviews. Even the phenomenally fit Tiger Woods admitted he was gassed after three in a row, coming with just a one week break from the end of the Majors schedule.

The second huge flaw is this ridiculous points system. The Tour has re-set the points for this last event in hopes of further contrived drama, drastically reducing the effect of the previous three tournaments. What do you think Tiger Woods thinks about it now that he has played the first 12 rounds in 10 shots fewer than Padraig Harrington, 12 shots less than Jim Furyk and a minimum of twenty less than any of the other 27 who made it to the Championship event? Yet, four different guys will win the FedEx Cup if they (win and) beat him by one single shot at East Lake next week and, oh, by the way, Harrington is not one of those four guys. To add to all of this ridiculousness, Harrington can win this final event and be 11 shots in front of Woods, yet still not win the Cup.

As my old friend Kimba says, “That’s just a bunch of nonsense.”

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