Golf News for Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | Awards

Sanctuary Golf Club awarded the Platinum Club of America award

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. -- Recently, The Sanctuary Golf Club on Sanibel Island, Florida, was awarded the prestigious Platinum Club of America award from John Sibbald, Publisher of the Club Leaders Forum and President of the Platinum Clubs of America.

The Platinum Clubs of America are the 235 most highly regarded private clubs in the United States as voted by the Club Managers and Board Presidents from more than 6,000 private clubs across the country. Every three years, the Platinum Clubs of America surveys every club belonging to the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) and asks them to complete two nominating forms: one from the Club Manager and the other from the club Board President or club Owner. All of the respondents are asked to consider five critical categories: Quality of Membership, Tradition and Culture, Amenities, Governance and Quality of Management and Staff. The respondents are also asked to rank the top clubs within the respective geographic region and nationwide. A club receiving a nomination as one of the top clubs nationwide is awarded double the points of a purely regional vote.

Sibbald sums up receiving the award best when he recently said that, "Earning the recognition as a Platinum Club is notable for two main reasons: every club wants to believe that his or her club is the best in the area in which they reside and more importantly new members are always attracted to the best clubs." Sibbald continued in saying that "the Platinum Club of America program is important in identifying the premier clubs as a means of benchmarking and thereby providing a model to emulate for aspiring clubs."

The Sanctuary Golf Club identified achieving Platinum Club status as a major milestone for the club to work towards several years ago. Ken Kouril, the General Manager of The Sanctuary Golf Club, said "we identified the Platinum Club award as a major goal for the club and set up a program with the board of directors, employees and membership to embrace the idea and work toward achieving such an honor. It was a real team effort - everyone at the club contributed to this achievement."

Since opening in 1993, The Sanctuary Golf Club has always been considered by people familiar with the area to be among the very best in the state of Florida. The Club's Board President, Gerry Risch, weighed in after receiving the award "this is a great way of recognizing what many of us already believed to be true. We love this island and we love this club. We believe that we offer something very unique and special, a place where you'll find your best friends."

Sibbald congratulated The Sanctuary Golf Club in achieving Platinum Club designation with a letter to the club when he wrote, "to be selected by the club managers and club presidents of America's 6,000 private clubs as a Platinum Club is the ultimate recognition of club excellence - equivalent to the esteemed Mobil Five Star rating of hotels and resorts. Only three percent of our nation's clubs earn this honor - our heartiest congratulations to The Sanctuary Golf Club in this achievement."

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