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Charity Fantasy Golf announces signing of new event contracts

TAMPA, Fla. -- Partners Bob Gaudreau of Portable Golf Solutions and John Hohlen of Pro Tour Fantasy Golf are pleased to announce recent contracts signed by several of their Golf Sales Agents, now located in over 12 cities located around the USA. Charity Fantasy Golf (CFG) has been well received by local, regional, and national charities who are seeking the next new creative approach to Golf Tournament fund raising revenue now that the economy has taken a huge blow and continues to struggle! In addition, several new reports suggest that golf course revenue is way down and many courses are reporting that one of the causes of that is charity golf events are being canceled.

Having spent lots of research hours studying the trends that were developing before the major collapse of the economy and its eventual effects on charities and golf events in particular, CFG Partners were quick to find answers! With golfers now spending more scrutinized time from their employers in their offices and with sponsorship dollars drying up from Banks, Financial Services Firms, Realty Firms, Title Companies, Construction Companies, and Development Firms to name a few, charities found no takers on offers for play or sponsorship for the spring, summer, or fall schedule to come! In response to this bad news for Charity Directors, CFG and their Golf Sales Agents have been busy educating charities on a newly established plan to take advantage of the problems and find the solutions based on what worked in the past, what is workable now, and what activities do golfers enjoy even in a bad economy!

Basing their conclusions on the continuing popularity of the PGA Tour on television, the popularity of social networking and fantasy sports on the Internet, and taking advantage of the time restrictions limiting the weekly golf play of past supporters on the course for charity events, CFG has zeroed in on all 3 KEYS to formulate their business strategy and success plan for Charity Fantasy Golf. Charities that have signed up for play to date include a Rotary Club in Columbus, Ohio by Kenneth Ford-GSA, a Foundation group called Cardio Care which was established by a group of pediatric physicians located in the Louisville, Ky. area by Deniece Loyd-GSA, and a Christian Mission agency which serves the greater Tampa Bay area by Bob Gaudreau-Partner, with several more now in contract negotiations, including several national charities.

Any corporation interested in staging a Charity Fantasy Golf event to benefit their favorite charity should call Bob Gaudreau-Partner and National Sales Manager who will answer any questions. Charities should also call Bob who will provide the Golf Sales Agent contact information in their market area or assist the charity personally, if no agent is available currently! Golf course owners and GM's will also be interested in finding out about CFG's new CFG-HYBRID FANTASY EVENT whereby players will combine their points earned in the Fantasy play with Fantasy points earned playing 3 rounds of individual stroke play according to their schedule, at a local course chosen as a Sponsor of the CFG-HYBRID FANTASY EVENT! This new addition to CFG should prove to be a great revenue saver for charities and golf course owners alike.

All interested parties can find out more by visiting the CFG-Charity Fantasy Golf web site:!

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PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS (PGS) is a 3-year old Sports & Entertainment marketing company featuring portable golf equipment and tournament management servicing the corporate event market as well as the charity fund raising marketplace. The PGS business model includes a business licensing program available to entrepreneurs around the world looking for a sport business opportunity. There are currently (5) PGS licensees operating in: Houston, Texas---Atlanta, Georgia---Bangalore, India---Manila, Philippines& Honolulu, Hawaii besides the corporate offices in Tampa, Fl.

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PRO TOUR FANTASY GOLF (PTFG) is a 3-year old online fantasy golf company offering a unique and engaging approach to fantasy golf. For golf fans and fantasy sports alike, they offer a variety of entry-fee based contests where participants can win signficant cash prizes and more. Pro Tour Fantasy Golf is built on state-of-the-art web programming technologies adding more fun and enjoyment to the overall fantasy golf experience. Pro Tour Fantasy Golf is a subsidiary of KJ Businesses, LLC.

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FACT: It's estimated by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association that 29.9 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports in 2007[1]. A prior study by the FSTA showed 19.4 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports in 2006 and 34.5 million people had ever played fantasy sports[2]. A 2006 study showed 22 percent of U.S. adult males 18 to 49 years old, with Internet access, play fantasy sports. Fantasy Sports is estimated to have a $3-$4 Billion annual economic impact across the sports industry.[3] Fantasy sports is also popular throughout the world with leagues for football (known as soccer in the United States), cricket and other non-U.S. based sports. According to the FSTA, there are over 5.5 million Americans who play fantasy golf.