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Nickent 3DX Hybrid Iron being touted as longest irons in golf

Is it the Longest Iron in the History of Golf? One magazine has already called the 3DX Hybrid Iron the "longest 5 iron in the world." Others have been calling this amazing new innovation in irons the "Fountain of Youth."

The idea is to make an efficient, integrated hybrid iron set that would get rid of the large gap between the 4-hybrid and the 5-iron. The result is a ball flight that matches your current long iron, but that soars 20-25 yards further.

Nickent saved 35 grams of weight by attaching a 5-gram carbon composite cap on the back of the clubhead. They placed this extra 35 grams into two steel plugs at the bottom and back of the iron. This combined with the fact that the iron is hollow and shares CG characteristics of a wood made the trajectory much higher than your average iron.

This extremely high launch characteristic gave Nickent the ability to strengthen the lofts, while giving the golfer the same exact trajectory as their normal long iron. By making the #5, #6 and #7-irons four degrees stronger compared to a standard set, the golfer can now hit their long irons significantly longer. The #8-iron is three degrees stronger than standard for the perfect club from 150 yards, while the #9 iron is two degrees stronger. The addition of a #10 iron to the unique set allows for the golfer to have a gentle transition from #9-iron into the wedges. The pitching through sand wedges are set at a higher loft than standard sets to allow you to carry three wedges with perfect spacing that perfectly match your entire iron set.

Master designer John Hoeflich, has been working on this concept for over 10 years and his crusade is finally ready to change your game forever.

It's time to rethink the way your bag is setup! It's time for the Longest Iron in the History of Golf!

#3 Hybrid/#4 Hybrid: The hottest hybrids on the market are integrated with the irons to give you the longest, most forgiving iron replacements possible.

#5 (22 degrees)/#6 (26 degrees)/#7 (30 degrees): Want to hit your long irons 20 yards further, but with the same ball flight? That's why we strengthened the lofts 4-degrees on these high-flying hollow irons.

#8 (34 degrees): Finally, you can hit your 8-iron 140-150 yards! The #8 iron is 3-degrees stronger then usual to give you the perfect club from the most commonly faced distances.

#9 (39 degrees): The set starts to even out at the #9 iron, with the loft being 2-degrees stronger in comparison to a traditional set. Better spacing gets rid of the short distance gap that usually makes your # 9 iron obsolete in a standard set.

#10 (44 degrees): This is your new pitching wedge. Because the 3DX Hybrid Iron Set was designed to have no gaps, a #10 iron is used to give you the perfect spacing from the #9 iron into your wedges.

PW (48 degrees)/GW (52 degrees)/SW (56 degrees): A 48-degree pitching wedge, a 52-degree gap wedge, and a 56-degree sand wedge gives you the perfect spacing, making these short irons the most efficient scoring clubs possible.

* Gap wedge and sand wedge sold separately.
* In the senior set, a 4 and 5 hybrid are utilized for a higher launch. The set comes standard with a sand wedge.

5-P (includes a 10-iron) 7-piece iron set: $749
9-piece set with 3DX DC hybrids + 7-piece iron set: $849

Steel Shaft: Nippon 850 Flexes available: Uniflex
Graphite shaft: UST SR2 Flexes Available: Special Shaft System for a better fit

X: 85 grams
S: 75 grams
R: 65 grams
R-Light: 55 grams
L: 55 grams

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