Golf News for Friday, June 26, 2009 | Marketing

PGA record holder of 51 holes in one announces his new website

The PGA Career Record Holder of 51 Holes in One, announces the launch of his new website and a chance to win $1,000,000. Affectionately celebrated as the "King of Aces™", Mancil Davis has been a celebrity fixture at Golf Events around the world. Mancil is best known for his Million Dollar Hole In One Shootouts, insured by the National Hole In One Association.

According to Mancil Davis " is everything hole in one!". The website provides a variety of resources and information for every golfer; Hole In One Registration, Hole In One Records, Hole In One Odds, Hole In One Videos, Hole In One News, Hole In One Insurance, Hole In One Gifts and more.

As the reigning professional Hole In One record holder, Mancil Davis says "hole in one stories never get old for me, I love to see the glee and hear the sound of joy when someone tells the story of their first - or last - hole in one". As such, offers golfers the opportunity to share their personal hole in one stories and possibly see them in publication in the King of Aces™ ezine "Kings Komments" - or better yet - in a future book.

Mr. Davis states that will allow him to showcase his Million Dollar Hole In One Events. "There is nothing more satisfying and exciting, than giving away prize money to a golfer AND raising money for charity" - it is a life changing experience for some. Mr. Davis, who also serves as Director of Golf Operations for the National Hole In One Association says they have paid out over $50,000,000 to winners over the years and raised "Millions" for charity. Charities and Businesses can check Mancil's availability and fees on the website.

One of the most anticipated features of is the opportunity for scratch golfers and hackers alike, to qualify for and take a single golf shot for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Registration opportunities are available on each page of the website.

Hit 'em Straight - Mancil Davis - PGA Professional - Hole In One King

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