Golf News for Friday, June 19, 2009 | Products

GPS Golf Guru unveils Guru 4 multi-application GPS rangefinder

ROUND ROCK, Texas -- The largest screen in golf makes the Guru 4's advanced features easy to use and the screen very easy to read but the Guru 4 is still one of the smallest full featured color units on the market. The new optional tee-to-green aerial view (AerVu) of each fairway on the golf course lets users know how far they are from hazards, traps and the pin, no matter where they are on the course. The "ShotPlan" tool in the AerVu map screen tells the user the distance to any point on the fairway and the remaining distance from that point to the pin. The close-up aerial view of the green using the Guru's "Smart Green" technology allows users to move the pin to any location on the green allowing them to know the right club to use no matter the pin placement.

The Guru 4 can operate in full-auto mode (users never have to touch the unit through a round of golf) or set it to capture more statistical information than any other GPS golf device on the market today. Golfers can capture the distance of each shot, the club used, if they hit fairways and greens in regulation; if not, did they miss right or left, short or long and more. The statistical information can be downloaded to the user's computer to do analysis on most aspects of their game. The GPS Golf Guru 4 is a game changer in the golf GPS market and a game improver for the individual golfer.

GPS Golf Guru has established an outstanding reputation for quality and customer support in the GPS Golf industry. Users have free access to over 20,000 golf courses in the "Guru Standard" map database.

GPS Golf Guru ( continues to be the innovator in GPS golf devices. The new Guru 4 gives you the most advanced features in golf and the ability to run other applications. "Our goal is to make the choice clear; more features, more versatility, better service, better product, better price, the list goes on….an easy decision in favor of the Guru 4" says Darryl Cornish, co-founder of GPS Golf Guru.

About GPS Golf Guru
GPS Golf Guru was formed in 2004 to develop a handheld GPS golf digital assistant with the goal of helping golfers improve their game and speed up play. Since 2004, the company has developed the most fully featured GPS golf software suite on the market and four generations of handheld GPS hardware. GPS Golf Guru's founders invented and patented GPS for golf in 1991 and have extensive experience in the GPS Golf market. GPS Golf Guru is the only provider of precision GPS personal digital assistants, licensed under numerous pioneering US and international patents covering the use of GPS for golf.