Golf News for Monday, June 1, 2009 | Podcast

John Feinstein on Tiger, Rocco and "Are You Kidding Me?", Wiren on enjoying golf to the fullest, The Tribute in Texas

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In this week's podcast, host Dave Berner talks to author John Feinstein about his new book, "Are You Kidding Me?: The Story of Rocco Mediate's Extraordinary Battle with Tiger Woods at the US Open."

"This is Rocco's book, it's Rocco's story," Feinstein says. "It was great for him – and I think great for the game – that somebody was able to go head to head with Tiger like that, and not back down."

PGA Hall of Fame member Gary Wiren - director of instruction for Donald Trump Golf Properties and founder of Golf Around the World - says golfers should focus on the aspects of the game they enjoy most.

Plus,'s Mike Bailey reports from The Tribute Golf Club in Texas.

"It's a tribute to the great Scottish courses over the pond," Bailey says. "They really went all out.