Golf News for Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | Business

Portable Golf Solutions expands with new licensee in Honolulu

TAMPA, Fla. -- Shalom's Portable Golf Entertainment Co., has become the 5th Portable Golf Solutions (PGS) -licensee to sign on with the Portable golf sports entertainment & marketing company now selling a very low-cost Golf Business opportunity through a unique new Golf Business license.

Fiti Seloti, an American Samoan, currently serving a Tour Of Duty in Iraq, will set up his Portable Golf business sometime later this year in Honolulu, Hawaii where he will market his services to Hotels, Entertainment Areas, Schools, Churches, and through partnerships created with independent Event Planners.

Fiti had this to say about the PGS opportunity that we are creating for him:
"I appreciate everything you are doing for my family and I to get this started. I just want to thank you for creating such an opportunity for my wife and I. I hope to hear from you soon and what you have to say about my plans. Thanks again and God Bless."

Fiti listed his mission statement:
The mission of Shalom's Portable Golf Entertainment Co. is to provide a fun and affordable portable entertainment that is needed for Charity, Corporate, Associations, Businesses, and all other group Events. The company's portable golf entertainment products will be creatively put to service and bring a miniature golf atmosphere of fun and sports entertainment that is suitable for all ages. Part of our company's vision is to assist with the planning and getting the most out of our services and products to meet the desire and needs of the event. And because of the portable capability of our products we optimize to deliver such services and assistances "anywhere-anytime".

Shalom's Portable Golf Entertainment Co. joins PGS Licensees in Houston-Texas, Atlanta-Ga-North, Manila,Philippines and Bangalore, India now offering a growing and entertaining golf service all over the world.

"Our Portable Golf Solutions model has recently introduced new fund raising programs for schools and churches that has significantly increased our service offerings. These new revenue producing offerings along with other proven programs will help future PGS licensees increase business revenues and create the diversity necessary to fight through these tough economic times!

Along with our fantastic new "PUTT-A-THON" tournament model, groups of all types are seeing the many benefits we can deliver as opposed to the normal full scale charity golf event! A recent High School Football team with 30 players in Orlando raised over $3,500.00 using the PUTT-A-THON model. Contracts are continuing to come in as we stay diversified and ahead of the downturn in the economy! We're proud to be growing the GAME OF GOLF in our own way!"
Bob Gaudreau-Owner (PGS)

About Portable Golf Solutions (PGS):
Located in Tampa, Florida, Portable Golf Solutions sells a Portable Golf Business license to potential business owners seeking an entry into the niche side of the golf and entertainment industry! The PGS license includes the purchase of portable golf course equipment and turn-key marketing programs that provide a unique and creative alternative to stage a golf related event Anytime- Anywhere. Complimentary services also include event management, Video Interactive Tournament Production, Video Sports (Wii entertainment) and digital photography services that enhance the value of any event.

CONTACT: Bob Gaudreau -CEO
813-685-1509 (off)