Golf News for Friday, April 3, 2009 | Podcast

SKLZ Gyro Swing, Golf Fore the Good, and the 'Everyday Golfer's Guide to Shooting Lower Scores' by Mick Gyure

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In this week's podcast, host Dave Berner talks to Equipment Editor Kiel Christianson about a few full swing aids available this spring, including the SKLZ Gyro Swing.

"They each target a different aspect of the swing, although they all seek to do the same sort of thing," he says.

Velia Pola of Golf Fore the Good talks about how her organization blends charity with golf.

"What we're focusing on now is that I'm going to do a sort of auction/commercial Web site," Pola says. "The products [people] want me to review - as opposed to reviewing them, they will go onto the Web site. We'll auction off or sell the products and then donate proceeds to charity."

Plus, author Mick Gyure talks about his " target="_blank">book, "Everyday Golfer's Guide to Shooting Lower Scores."

"It's partly my story," Gyure says. "I thought there were a lot of things that the beginning golfer could learn from my basic experience."