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William K. Wolfrum: Tiger Woods returns - all other golfers now can be ignored

The long national nightmare is now over for sportswriters. No longer will sports journalists need to toil through muck to come up with interesting golf stories. Tiger Woods is golfing again. And all is right with the world.

Tiger's return is exciting for several reasons. For one, there is his epic pursuit of Jack Nicklaus' 19 total major victories. Then there's his blossoming personal life, as his beautiful family is now a foursome with the birth of Charlie Axel. But more than anything, there is one huge reason as to why Woods' return to the PGA Tour is so significant - it means sportswriters around the globe can finally stop acting like they care about other golfers.

For nearly a year, sportswriters in general and golf writers in particular have been forced to put on a complicated charade, acting like we care about golfers like Anthony Kim, Rory McIlroy, Paula Creamer or numerous others that I no longer feel like mentioning by name (and no longer have to).

Today is the day of our independence, my friends. Tiger Woods is playing golf again. And nothing else matters. Just like the old days.

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