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Jennifer Mario: The best Mother's Day gift ever

In my opinion, there are two types of mothers: those who can't get enough of their kids, and those who can. I'm one of the second kind.

That's why I'm so pleased that my husband's Mother's Day gift this year was a spa gift certificate and a reservation for a fondue restaurant. (Yeah, yeah, I had to make the reservation myself, but one can't have everything, can one?)

But I'm going to admit, my all-time favorite Mother's Day gift was this little note that my daughter, then 6 years old, gave me last year. It doesn't even say "Happy Mother's Day" on it. It doesn't need to. I taped it to the bottom of my computer screen, a daily reminder that I am, in fact, the best golf player in the world.

It turns out many women are as easy to please, or even more so, than I am. I conducted an informal poll of all the golfing moms I know, as well as many that I don't, asking them, "What golf-related item would you most like for Mother's Day?"

The number-one answer? A round of golf, of course. The number-two answer: golf balls. Precept Ladies and Maxfli Noodles were the top-two brands mentioned.

Oh yeah, a final tip. Can you guess what was the most popular answer to this question: "What golf-related item can you live without?" A ball retriever. "Just let them go," wrote one respondent. Hey, it makes sense. That's why they're asking for all those Precept Ladies.

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