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Kiel Christianson: Ogio's new Devolver cart bag raises the bar for whiz-bangery

Sadly, I did not coin the term "whiz-bangery" in my last blog (a Google search returns 1,130 sites containing the term).

But I do like the sound of the term very much, and therefore earnestly continue to strive to bring you some unexpected sources of golf whiz-bangery. Last time, it was the lowly golf tee.

This time, it is the dull, lumpen cousin of the golf equipment family, the cart bag.

Ogio, the ever-forward-looking bag and accessory manufacturer, has recently introduced its newest creation: The Devolver cart bag.

I'll leave the gaudy details for a future full-blown review. For now, suffice it to say that the Devolver derives its sci-fi-esque moniker from the fact that it converts from a massive cart bag to a light-weight caddy bag to an ultra-light-weight carry bag suitable for a par-3 course, executive course, the practice range, or even a quick nine.

The engineering is practically over-done. In fact, it really helps to watch this video before you attempt to devolve the Devolver the first time.

That's right: You need a YouTube video to figure this golf bag out.

Whiz-bangery, indeed.

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