Golf News for Friday, January 2, 2009 | Podcast

Great golf deals in Arizona, keeping your back healthy, and Frank Thomas' new golf book

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In this week's podcast, host Dave Berner talks to's Mike Bailey about great off-season golf in Arizona.

"Greens fees are definitely on the higher end, but I think there are some bargains now," Bailey says. "If you look hard enough, I think you can find something right now."

Golf can be tough on the back. Dr. Chris Garner, a Myrtle Beach-area chiropractor (, gives a few tips for keeping your back healthy.

"Golf can be a very strenuous sport to the body, in particular to the spine," Garner says. "I give all of my golfers the booklet of golf stretches. Yoga and massage therapy can also be very good for golfers."

Noted golf equipment guru Frank Thomas talks about his new book, "Dear Frank."

"I've been answering questions for the Golf Channel, Golf Digest and for our own Web site for the last four years," Thomas says. "We selected 100 of the best and put them into a book."

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