Golf News for Monday, November 10, 2008 | Business

Portable Golf Solutions announces first international licensee

TAMPA, Fla. -- Adventure Golf Solutions, Inc., has become the 2nd Portable Golf Solutions (PGS) -licensee and the 1st International business to sign on with the golf tournament, sports entertainment, and marketing company now selling a low-cost Golf Business opportunity through a unique new Golf Business license.

Located in Manila Philippines, and operated by husband and wife team, George Wang and Joyce Santiago, Adventure Golf Solutions, Inc. will promote Portable Golf services that include a unique 50 Ft. Portable Putting Green for Hole-In-One events, a 9-Hole Portable Mini-Links Golf Course, Single Putting Hole rentals, Short Course Promotional Putting & Chipping Challenges, Charity Putt-A-Thon Tournaments, and Team Building programs such as our signature Build-A-Link (TM)- programs to the Philippines Islands marketplace. (PGS products & services allow small business entrepreneurs an opportunity to creatively integrate proven new golf services into corporate, charity, or other events at anytime-anyplace demand!)

"We are excited to be part of the PGS team and to start a profitable golf events biz here in Manila where everyone in our family can be part of this exciting biz adventure." George Wang

Future International expansion will include a soon to be announced PGS Licensee ready to open business in INDIA as well as many other areas in the USA! Programs that have been created and developed by Portable Golf Solutions include: Business Golf Expos, Charity Putt-A-Thons, Corporate/Social Networking Putting Tournaments, 18 Hole/Hole-In-One Competitions, Portable 50 FT Putting Green Hole-In-One Prize Qualifiers, Wedding Short Course Events, and many others!

"We are thriving on the economy's downward spiral by introducing an alternative low cost option to typical charity & corporate entertainment, where everyone can play and the women are outnumbering the men. Our charity golf putting tournaments are bringing in more net money than the $5,000.00 average for regular charity golf tournaments and in fact we are overselling participants. In fact, our last tournament was an evening event where we partnered with a local business club to raise funds for Habitat For Humanity and it was held in the club's lavish ballroom which had only 2,000.00 square feet. We could only fit 9 of our Portable Putting Greens inside the ballroom located on the 9th floor of an adjoining Hotel Complex; we had 33 Foursomes (132 people) sign up to play creating A-B-C & even D Foursomes on some holes and we were done in just over 90 minutes raising over $10,000.00."
Bob Gaudreau-Owner (PGS)

About Portable Golf Solutions (PGS):
Located in Tampa, Florida, Portable Golf Solutions supplies organizations with portable golf course equipment and turn-key programs that provide a unique and creative alternative to stage a golf related event Anytime- Anywhere. Complimentary services also include event management, Video Interactive Tournament Production (NINTENDO Wii) and digital photography services that enhance the value of any event.

Bob Gaudreau-President
Portable Golf Solutions