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Chris Baldwin: Jonas Brothers have no golf-loving Justin Timberlake staying power

I think we all can agree that the Jonas Brothers are really bad role models. Three teen twits who wear chastity rings and talk about their Christian faith even as they ruthlessly rack in millions of dollars from the pop music industry - a business which may be only second to Enron when it comes to having questionable morale history.

These guys are being held up as an ideal for America's youth? Why not just break out the old Cheech and Chong flicks from the early 1980s, show them to your kids, and be done with it? For you're not getting any good out of these Jonas boys - unless you want to teach your preteen daughter to drool over no-talent hacks. And if that's the case, why not just hold up Flavor Flav as the heartthrob?

It's not bad enough that Jonas Brothers' songs - and that's using the term songs very liberally - like "Tonight" are more pathetic than the Hanson Brothers' worst efforts. Or that their Rolling Stone cover is the lamest pose in a history of pop music that includes years of New Kids On The Block preening.

What's worse is that the Jonas Brothers use their father being a ordained minister back story to build up the hype - while reports say they donated only 10 percent of the $12 million they earned in 2007 to charity. You'd think that the guys who are holding themselves out as the supreme example would contribute more than the standard 10 percent tithing recommended in the Bible, but I guess they need those millions to live their simple lives of virtue.

Chastity rings apparently got really pricey during this recession.

The only thing that's encouraging about this whole Jonas Brothers craze is that it's just that - a passing fancy. The Jonas boys will never hold the staying power of real music superstar/legit role model/golf lover Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake just raised more than $1 million for the Shriners' Hospital for Children in only one week hosting Las Vegas' PGA Tour event. He also managed to increase attendance by 50 percent at a tournament that's long been regulated to a horrible spot in the schedule by the Tour.

That's an icon who makes a difference. And still Timberlake is one of the more humble celebs you'll ever come across.

"I'm not here as some dude who writes goofy songs," Timberlake said at a Barack Obama rally in Vegas. "Me and (girlfriend) Jessica (Biel), we're here as Americans. We're here as humans because this is something we had to do."

See Timberlake is man enough to take cracks at his own music.

Take note Jonas bros. Real stars don't preach. They don't tell you how to live your life. They just make a difference by getting involved in things - sometimes even a golf tournament.

Of course, real stars also have talent.

In closing, I'd like to dedicate this blog to the largest liberal loon out there. You know who you are.

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