Golf News for Thursday, March 23, 2006 | Technology

DancinDogg offers an affordable optical-sensor golf simulator

SEATTLE -- DancinDogg Golf LLC, a technology and golf company, today announced that its simulation system will be unveiled and for sale to the general public. The DancinDogg Personal Golf Simulator is the first advanced golf simulation system available to retail customers for under $300. The product enables golfers to visualize and track the accuracy of their actual golf swings and incorporate their swings into the EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour® Game.

“I think this product will be one of the hottest new products for golfers in 2006,” said Keith Jones, host of Tee It Up!, a nationally syndicated golf radio program. “In fact, since golfers have never seen a simulation system of this caliber, it may be one the hottest product in 2007 and 2008, especially as it relates to affordability”

The DancinDogg Personal Golf Simulator utilizes advanced optical sensors to capture club movement. The calculation technology within the product translates the club head speed, face angle, club path, ball carry distance, distance offline, and tempo into meaningful feedback and accurate ball flight, enabling swing improvement. Unlike other golf swing simulation systems, the DancinDogg product allows golfers to hit their own, un-tethered golf balls using their own equipment.

“This type of affordable product that is designed to work well for golfers of all skill levels has been in demand for years,” said Russell Edens, DancinDogg President, “Our customer-base is thrilled to see it being delivered in time for Father’s Day.”

With the Game Edition ($289.99 retail), swing data is integrated directly into the EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 2005 game so the golfer’s results are transported to world-class courses like Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. The Coach Edition (available in late-Spring 2006 for a retail upgrade price of $129.99) includes the professional coaching and Practice Zone, which visually displays the ball’s path to best understand the cause and effect of swing to ball-flight. The Coach Edition of the product also features an interactive practice plan.
Former LPGA Tour player and U.S. Amateur Champion Joanne Foreman, who is the featured professional coach within the Coach Edition of the product, said, “In my 30 years as a player and coach, I have found that when a golfer is engaged and relaxed in both play and practice, they are much more likely to produce the shot they imagine. With the DancinDogg Personal Golf Simulator, the play and practice experience is fun and engaging – and with the flexibility to play in the comfort of your own home, you can more easily relax and focus, resulting in higher quality practice and greater results.”

About DancinDogg Golf
DancinDogg Golf was established in 2005 by business software veterans whose enthusiasm for golf called them out of the office and into the world of golf game improvement. The company was founded on the belief that advanced technology can be utilized not only to improve a golfer’s ability but also to increase the enjoyment of the game. More information can be found at or by calling 231-941-6663.