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William K. Wolfrum: The Chad Campbell appreciation blog

With the plethora of golf bloggers wandering around here, it's amazing anything gets missed. Issues that you were unaware were issues until we told you they were are ping-ponged about on these pages.

Pros and cons are given, and feelings are hurt with total domination being the ultimate goal. All the while several readers prowl about, ready to pounce on any mention of Michelle Wie.

It's totally like Lord of the Flies, except, you know, on a Web site about golf and travel.

Ah, but one story has slipped through the cracks and it is time for that to be rectified. It is time to sound the conch for the top golfer of 2006 -- Chad Campbell.

Yes, Chad Campbell, winner of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and second-place finisher at the Sony Open. Chad Campbell, top money earner of 2006 with $1,348,800 already pocketed away, almost half of what he made in all of 2005.

Champbell (as us cool kids call him), who if he continues this pace, will earn 14 victories and nearly $17 million this year. Chad Campbell, the Texas native who is 39 under after two tournaments and is being seriously considered for the lead role in "Conan O'Brien: The Movie."

Sure, some of the big stars have been missing so far this season, and it's possible that Champbell will come back to earth soon. Not likely, but possible. But regardless, let us not ignore Chad Campbell any longer.


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