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Chris Baldwin: Michelle Wie back in Sports Illustrated, happy as can be

All those rabid Michelle Wie delusionals had to be disappointed to flip through the last issue of Sports Illustrated and see their girl posing in the year-in-review photos. So much for that Wie camp SI ban that the Wie Warriors hoped for after the magazine's writer Michael Bamberger rightly called her on a rules violation.

Wie's not banning Sports Illustrated. The mere notion was laughable. Not because she knows she was wrong. Because that would go against everything the Michelle Wie marketing machine stands for: publicity.

So there was Wie in SI, in a pose Rebel Blogger could appreciate. A California newspaper columnist went as far as suggesting that Wie was now setting herself up as a calendar girl, a la Natalie Gulbis.

That seems a little harsh. Wie isn't doing anything different than she always has, relying on buzz to mask her inability to win. And she surely isn't likely to resort to a cheesy reality show until she's at least 29.

Anyway, it's appropriate Wie didn't have a golf club in the picture when you think about it. Her actual golf results are not what got her there.

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